The percentage of male and female fans in the girls group, TWICE is female, IZ * ONE is male!

Everyone can expect that the proportion of female fans is high in the case of K-POP boy groups, but there are not many documents that examine the proportion of male and female fans in girls groups. So, I checked the percentage of men and women and the age group of the comments on the stage videos of each girl group who appeared in the year-end special program “2020 Kayo Daiten” uploaded on NAVER TV.


TWICE has 75% female fans and 25% male fans, which is surprisingly three times as many as female fans.

The percentage of people in their 20s is overwhelmingly high, and the percentage of teens and 30s is almost the same.



<IZ * ONE>

IZ * ONE is the only girl group that appeared in “2020 Kayo Daiten” with a higher proportion of male fans than female fans. In addition, the percentage of people in their 30s was higher than that of other girl groups, and it was found that the main fan base of IZ * ONE is men in their 20s and 30s.




MAMAMOO had an overwhelming majority of female fans in their 20s.




<(G) I-DLE>

Girl Crash Girls Group (G) I-DLE is still more popular with women in their teens and 20s than men.

What stands out is that the percentage of fans in their 50s is higher than in their 30s and 40s.





The proportion and age group of ITZY’s male and female fans showed almost the same tendency as (G) I-DLE.

Since ITZY and (G) I-DLE are girl crash concepts, the same tendency was seen.



Unlike TWICE and Mamamoo, GFRIEND has a high fan base in their 30s.





OH MY GIRL, which made a big leap in 2020, also has a high proportion of female fans, and the age group distribution of the fan group is the best.




April was found to be a girls group with the second highest percentage of male fans after IZ * ONE.





SM Entertainment’s new girl group aespa has the highest percentage of female fans in their 20s at 7: 3, while the percentage of teens and 30s is the same.

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