The reason why Dong Wan is criticized for denying the dissolution of the myth Eric & Kim Dong Wan feud!

The mythical Kim Dong Wan directly denied the dissolution theory as a feud with leader Eric emerged.

In NAVER’s NOW “Unsu CINE” broadcast live on the 15th, Kim Dong Wan talked about his candid feelings about the disagreement among mythical members. On this day, MC Kim Eung Soo said, “The 23rd anniversary of myth debut, the fact that we have continued for 23 years without changing members is a myth.” Has been together for 23 years. The couple also have troubles every day, but it’s quite natural. ”


Kim Dong Wan said, “Dissolution is a ridiculous story. Because of the people who talk about it, I’m going to endure it until the end. I want you to watch over me.” I explained. MC Kim Eung Soo advised, “How noisy is it? If you get this story, you’ll be in the trash can. You shouldn’t take it.” In response, Kim Dong Wan said, “I can accept and understand the appropriate noise and use it as a reference, but there are some who do not, so I listen appropriately.” “All six of us are trying to endure. You don’t have to worry about misunderstandings. ”

After that, Kim Dong Wan talked about episodes about mythological activities and fan club mythopoeia. In the past, he has been talked about with the belief that “Korean myths are not responsible for your life.” On the other hand, Kim Dong Wan said, “It was not a sudden word, but a fan meeting for the first phase of mythopoeia.” “Too many people came to the fan meeting even though the first album did not sell at all. We said we wouldn’t take responsibility because we felt like we might collapse soon. ” “The atmosphere sank as soon as I spoke,” he recalled.

Regarding the episode that asked the fans who came to see the myth, “Will the company go?”, “I was worried that I might get fired, but those fans are no longer the year we get fired. I’m in a position where I can get rid of anyone, “he said with a big laugh. When asked by fans, “Would you like to have a romance?”, He said, “I’ll be cautious as I get older.” Regarding Jun Jin’s mention of himself as the first member to get married, he said, “I wish he could get married,” but he said, “I want Hye-sun to get married soon.”

Prior to this, Eric criticized Kim Dong Wan on the afternoon of the 14th, referring to the mythical discord on his Instagram. Eric said, “The guy who put more emphasis on personal activities than the team and damaged communication and schedule with the members, but was kind to the fans.” “In the absence of me, I talk about undecided things. If you want to talk about that, come to the group meeting. ” And I tagged Kim Dong Wan. Eric’s comment seemed to be that Kim Dong Wan wasn’t alone in the meeting to schedule the entire myth and there was no way to contact him.

When the ripples spread, Kim Dong Wan also said through his Instagram, “I’m sorry for the myth creators who were surprised first. We will discuss it when we meet the myth members tomorrow.” It’s important to speak. ”


He continued, “A large number of people will be introduced to the mythical album and concert concept. It is not possible for one member to come to the fore, and one member cannot be removed.” It’s the most important, fun and rewarding activity, so the opinions of the six people are always in place and the coordination results in satisfaction for all members. ”


Also, “Apart from contacting myself personally, if I was contacted by the production team that I had been preparing since last year, and if they were communicating so that they could prepare with peace of mind, myths are also myths. I still have the regrettable feeling that creation should not have had such an experience. ”


In Kim Dong Wan’s explanation, Eric once again revealed his position.

Eric said, “I asked Dong Wan around 3 o’clock and checked with Andy from time to time, but Dong Wan didn’t say anything. I couldn’t get in touch with the staff and couldn’t proceed, so I’ll talk about my position. Since the time of the “target” activity, there was only Dong Wan in the group chat room for about 6 years, and I didn’t have any numbers that changed after the blockage. When I said that I would meet for 6 years, I tried to meet according to the schedule from a few weeks ago, but I could not do it, and I can not put it off forever because I am in a hurry, so I counted 5 people. I can’t finish i

He continued, “I’m also a human being, so it’s a time when I can’t do anything due to the spread of coronavirus infection, and I’m shooting a drama, so if I’m going to do it this way, I’ll just quit without pretending to be close to people, last year. I didn’t join the group chat room from the end. However, the problem started here. For six years, I’ve been criticized for coming, and Dong Wan, who didn’t actually participate, is praised by people with a good image. It was only three months before I left, and I was told to dry my rain gear because I would be active after the meeting except myself. “◈ Why Kim Dong Wan is currently being criticized online due to Eric’s exposure

Kim Dong Wan hasn’t been in the mythical group chat room for 1.6 years.

2. 2. If the members decide to get together by adjusting the date and time, Kim Dong Wan will be the one.

3. 3. Eric is blocked by Kim Dong Wan and doesn’t even know the strange number.

Of course, even if we have a meeting with 4.5 people, the work will not proceed. And you can’t take a picture with just five people. Publishing a photo that only Kim Dong Wan is missing leads to the story of bullying.

5. At the end of last year, Eric couldn’t stand it and canceled the group chat room three months ago.

6. When Eric leaves the group chat room, a meeting is held with five people except Eric.

7. Kim Dong Wan creates a myth creation talk room at the clubhouse and criticizes Eric.

8. The content of “If you were contacted by the staff” written by Kim Dong Wan means about three months after Eric left the group chat room. It’s a lie that Eric and the staff haven’t been able to contact each other for the past three months and the work hasn’t progressed. It’s been 6 years since I couldn’t get in touch with Kim Dong Wan himself.

On the night of the 15th, Shinhwa members, including Eric and Kim Dong Wan, are discussing while drinking alcohol. Through their respective SNS, Eric and Kim Dong Wan said, “We are talking about each other because there are many points that we have been lonely for a long time. The members are trying to find a solution, so myth fans, Please stop criticizing individuals. Please wait a little longer. ” In the future, attention will be focused on the movement of myths.


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