The reason why former member of VIXX, Hong Bin, suddenly joins after leaving VIXX!

Former VIXX member Hong Bin joins the group on August 18.

Hong Bin left VIXX on August 7. At the time, JELLYFISH Entertainment of VIX’s office said, “Hongbin has announced that he will leave the team. After careful discussion with VIXX member Hongbin, we decided to leave the team with respect to his opinion. VIXX will continue to work with five people in the future.”

After leaving VIXX, Hong Bin told fans that it will continue to broadcast on its SNS on “Twitch”, a live streaming distribution platform provided by

However, a few days later, he suddenly announced his enlistment. Born in 1993, this year’s 27-year-old Hong Bin will join the army on the 18th to begin military service. After leaving VIXX, Honbin was informed immediately, but fans just said that he would continue broadcasting on “Twitch”, and I wonder why he announced suddenly that he could postpone until next year. Became.


Hong Bin said, “I was told by the army to join the graduate school without knowing anything about it, and I was told to join the army.” If you are enrolled in graduate school, you can postpone enrollment until the age of 28, so this year’s 27-year-old Hong Bin can postpone enrollment until next year. However, it seems that Hong Bin didn’t know that he could not postpone his enrollment if he sent a leave notification to graduate school. All male idols who are waiting to join the military know this, and it seems that he was disappointed when Hong Bin went on to graduate school to postpone his enrollment.




<Hongbin withdrawal process from VIXX>

Five months ago, Hong Bin, who had been controversial for criticizing other idol groups such as SHINee, EXO, and Red Velvet while broadcasting drinking, officially withdrew from VIXX.

On February 29, 2020, Hong Bin made a live stream to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Twitch channel. It was broadcast for 4 hours while drinking 3 shochu and 1 wine.



Hongbin pointed out and criticized stage images and songs of singers such as SHINee, INFINITE, EXO, and Red Velvet.

Remark 1)

While watching SHINee’s “Everybody”, he said, “It’s no wonder nobody put such silly idol music in band music.”

Remark 2)

Watching INFINITE’s “Be My Own”, he said, “I think I would hit the person who made that dance. It’s impossible to make a choreography like that.”



At the end of the live delivery, I took a pose to raise the middle finger. The broadcast ended at 3:00 am in the middle of the night. Hong Bin’s remarks quickly spread to the online community and caused a fuss.



Around 5 am, Hong Bin, who started broadcasting again, apologized to the fans.

“I should have been careful even to take a breath. It looks like I’m bad in a part. Sorry, please criticize me and take a rest,” he apologized.

The affiliated office also apologized for the action of Hong Bin.


The company’s office apologized, “I’m sorry that I caused a great deal of trauma and anxiety to artists and fans of other companies due to the behavior that Mr. Hongbin showed on his personal broadcast.” Not only the affiliated office, VIXX member Leo also apologized to the fans.




On May 1st, two months after the action of Hong Bin’s problem, the office of VIXX announced that it has decided to suspend Hong Kong’s Twitch broadcasting and entertainment activities for a while through the official fan cafe.




After that, Hong Bin posted a letter on the official fan cafe on May 24, the 8th anniversary of VIXX’s debut, promising to “show a better appearance.”



However, VIXX fans were shocked to find out that they recently left the fan cafe. After that, it was officially announced to leave VIXX of Hong Bin.

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