The Reasons to Watch Secret Royal Inspector and Joy

The Secret Royal Inspector and Joy

This show has a mix of everything. It’s about a nobleman Ra Yi Eon (Ok Taec Yeon) who refuses to get married and makes a deal with his grandmother to ace his inspector’s exam instead of getting married. He aced his exam and the marriage stuff was put away for a while and only came out once in a while. He actually wanted to open a mandu restaurant but ended up acing his exam and becoming a secret royal inspector. I guess this would be equivalent to CIA or NIS today.

Kim Jo Yi (Joy) (Kim Hye Yoon) is a married woman pleading her case to the magistrate to allow them to get divorced. She is smart, strong, kind, and hard-working. She is way ahead of her time and is not a typical woman living in the Joseon era. She doesn’t think she should stay married to someone who is gambling all of her hard-earned money, while she takes care of her mother-in-law and everything else. She is granted her divorce and left her village to find her mother.

Joy and Yi Eon cross paths and end up working together. With Yi Eon are his two loyal servants Yook Chil (Min Jin Woong) and Goo Pal (Park Kang Sub). Joy meets a shaman, Bi Ryeong (Chae Won Bin), who looks identical to her best friend who passed away, and a pharmacist named Kwang Soo (Lee Sang Hee). The six of them team up together to take down corruption.

This show is a sweet and funny show and worth watching.

My Review – This Section has Spoilers

This show is super cute and I love it. You can tell from how well the show is that the cast seems to have great on-set chemistry and felt like they were friends in real life. Aside from the obvious murders and the super corrupt Prime Minister, some serious issues were touched on during the show.

There was one scene where Gwang Soo and Joy are looking for a house and they. This is an all too familiar scene with any major city with unaffordable housing. Joy’s friend Seung Yul (N) was talking about how he changes houses and uses houses as an investment and how rental prices cost the same purchase prices from the previous year.

Issues about how women are regarded and treated are seen through Joy’s character. She doesn’t give a shit about who she is talking to, she will stand up for herself and refuses to be silenced because she’s a woman. She had a conversation with Yi Eon’s grandmother and told her that she has no plans on getting married. She wants to live by her name and not by someone’s wife. When she was captured by Tae Seo, he asked her if she was easy and she said she’s not but there is nothing wrong with women who are easy. I love this little firecracker.

Joy and Yi Eon end up living together without being married. Joy was so strong in her convictions that Yi Eon’s grandmother wanted them to have a child together without getting married.

Yook Chil wanted to marry Gwang Soo but didn’t want their children to live as low-born slaves since he was a slave. The day Yook Chil got married, Yi Eon freed both Yook Chil and Goo Pal to live as free citizens. It was so sweet.


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All of the actors were amazing in this show and it feels like the cast and crew worked hard to make sure everyone had great chemistry with each other. There were a lot of cute posts on Taec Yeon’s Instagram while they were filming. They made references to Squid Game and 2 PM. I feel like a lot Taec Yeon’s shows make references to 2 PM. Maybe I should start listening to them.


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Unlike other historical dramas, this show has a nice happily ever after ending. All of the bad guys were caught and everyone got what they wanted.

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