Why To Watch The Silent Sea?

The Silent Sea

Let’s be honest, during this trying time when a lot of governments have restricted gathering sizes during the holidays, we need a little Bae Doona and Gong Yoo in our lives. Don’t forget everyone’s favorite Ajumah, Kim Sun Young. Don’t get me wrong, the actual subject of the show is dark and gloomy.


The Earth has exhausted its water sources and there is a ranking system put in place to allow people to obtain water. It wasn’t clear how people were ranked but those with higher ranks could get more water. Dr. Song Ji An (Bae Doona) had a gold card which is the highest rank and Han Yun Jae’s (Gong Yoo) rank was too low to get medical care for his daughter.

A team is put together to obtain water samples from the moon. Korea has a research station on the moon and the previous occupants died in a mysterious accident and Dr. Song’s sister was one of those people. A team of people is put together which includes Captain Han (Gong Yoo), who is responsible for the overall mission and the crew, Dr. Hong (Kim Sun Young), a medical doctor to take care of the health of the crew, Lieutenant Ryu (Lee Joon), Chief Gong (Lee Moo Saeng), Dr. Song, the main researcher who will take care of the water samples, and a few other crew members. This is a somber mission and they understand that they have a very low survival rate but something they need to do.

I was super excited when the trailer for this show came out. I loved Bae Doona since Cloud Atlas (I know it’s a Kdrama but still an excellent movie) and Gong Yoo is always a treat to watch on the screen. I had to watch this show! I’ll be honest, I was bored the first few episodes but my faith in Bae Doona kept me going and I’m glad I finished it. This show should be watched by everyone and could be a look into our future.

Our Review – SPOILERS

There are so many scary aspects of this show mostly because of the climate change that’s actually going on in the world, running out of water could be a very real situation that humans may have to face in the near future. The idea is that even in the face of such an emergency, money is the deciding factor over human lives.

The water that the team was to obtain from the moon had a weird property of multiplying until the person who comes in contact with it dies. The people on the ground who are in charge and responsible for sending the team to the moon knew about this and sent them without warning them. They want to make sure they got their hands on it before any other countries get it so they can make money off of it.

The problems of capitalism are seen in this show. The people who are of lower rank can’t get the medical care they need or the water they need. Captain Han’s daughter needs surgery and is being held hostage until he completes his mission. He is a skilled space traveler with a low rank so they use him to get what they want.

The team soon discover that the previous research team had cloned these girls named Luna to test the water on them to see which clone could possibly survive on the moon water. One of the Lunas survived and is physically way more advanced than humans. She is also extremely scared and violently killed some of the crew members. Using cloned humans for testing for the sake of their own survival is so gross and it made me wonder if this was happening somewhere in the world and we don’t know about it.

We later find out that the previous scientists at the moon research station were murdered as directed by the government. They didn’t have any use for them anymore and didn’t want the world to know they were cloning humans to test the water.

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