The Silent Sea season 2 Release Date, Casts and Plot

The Silent Sea

The Silent Sea is related to the environment where people are dying because lack of water is the main cause. This K-drama is very related to the environment and ecosystem.

This drama was written by Park Eun-Kyo, where the team of people goes into the mission to get some important samples from a lunar science lab for the research. But the mission is not so easy and it will cost them a heavy price including their own life making this K-drama even more serious and fun to watch.

This K-drama has many exciting scenes and stories playing the role of Korea’s top stars like “Train to Busan” alum Gong Yoo and “Jupiter Ascending” actor Bae Doona.

The Silent Sea season 2 Release Date

Netflix and the production house have not confirmed anything about this K-drama so, there is no information regarding this drama if we will get it or not. But by chance, if the company plans to renew its next season then we can expect this drama by the end of 2023.

Also, this show has extreme graphic works and CGI making it even more time-consuming for the production.

The Silent Sea season 2 cast

This K-drama season one was a super hit and it also cast some of the famous faces like Sense8’s Bae Doona and some actors from Squid Game, but at the moment we were getting to know some of the stars or cast will not return for the season 2.

Many team members died and only a few were remained alive so, there is even more chance many casts will not get their face in season 2.

Doctor Song as Bae Doona

Doctor Hong as Kim Sun-young

Luna as Kim Si-A

Fans are very excited to know about the casts for season 2 and they are upset to know many will not return because some of the main and famous characters or casts died in the mission and only few of them made it alive.

What Could Season 2 Be About?

There is no single word about its season 2 so, we are completely unaware of what the story will be about in season 2. Also, no any casts or production team has released a clue about this K-drama season 2 making it even more difficult to guess what will be there in the season 2.

But we can guess that the mission may get success since, at least some members of the crew are still alive and working on it. We can assume that they may return to the earth with the samples and research team may start to do research on it.

After some years, they may utilize it for the betterment of society and people making new civilization healthy and free from dehydration. Anyway, it is a series and it won’t be that easy and there can be many villains or bad characters which will start to make this journey full of thrones and issues.

Where to Stream the Show?

The Silent Season 1 is available at Netflix with complete eight episodes and all of them are super hit and exciting. But if you want to watch this K-drama on Hulu, Disney+ or any other international subscriptions site then sadly, it is unavailable.

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