Korean Drama ‘The World of the Married VS The King: Eternal Monarch’

This year’s JTBC vs. SBS Golden Saturday drama ratings matchup is interesting.

Round 1: Stove League (SBS) VS Itaewon Class (JTBC) → Stove League wins.

Round 2: Itaewon Class (JTBC) VS Hyena (SBS) → Itaewon Class wins.

In a 1:1 score situation, the three rounds were “The World of Married” vs “The King: Eternal Monarch”, but to date, the result has been a disastrous defeat for “The King: Eternal Monarch”.


Couple World Ratings

The 16-part production of “The World of Married” has only one episode left to air, but the 14-episode rating was 24.3% by national standards, the same as last week, and 26.8% by metropolitan standards, once again setting a new personal record.

With the drama’s ending in mind, the focus is on how much the final episode’s ratings will go up, and whether it’s possible to break the 30% mark.



The drama “The King: Eternal Monarch,” starring writer Kim Eun-wook and popular actors Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun, is said to be a “hit-making machine.

However, the show has been struggling in the ratings because of its main characters’ pointed acting skills and unsympathetic storylines.



“The King: Eternal Monarch” is a fantasy love story in another dimension in which Lee Gong, the science-type emperor of the Daehan Empire, tries to close the gates of the dimension, and Jeong Tae-wool, the liberal arts-type detective, tries to protect someone’s life, person, and love while moving back and forth between the two worlds. Actor Lee Min-ho plays Lee Gong, the third emperor of the Korean Empire, and actress Kim Go-eun plays Jeong Tae-wool, who is preoccupied with her father and the People of the Police Department while her classmates are preoccupied with “Snow White” and “The Little Mermaid”.


The King: Eternal Monarch

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