The World of the Married Season 2: Release Date, Casts, Plot

The World of the Married

Interested to know when is The World of the Married Season 2 release date and who will the casts, Let us help you know about it.

The World of Married is probably the greatest K-drama in TV history to date. The show has gained a really huge critical acclaim for it’s incredible screenplay, direction, and even performances. It is packed with really intense plotlines and multiple cliffhangers.

The story in the show is super realistic, stimulating and gritty. Further more, this show even pushes a lot of boundaries by addressing different types of issues like racism, inequality and more.

This show is ground breaking in a sense that these things are not really discussed openly in the Korean Society. This drama took fiction to a whole new level in the country. It made a huge impact with powerful message. Fans are now wondering when the Season 2 will come but before that, let us review Season1.

The World of The Married Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of The World of The Married was released in 2020. It went live on the JTBC Network in Korea and it was later streamed on Netflix. It had a total of 16 episodes.

The story wraps in an unpredictable manner and this leaves the audience really wanting more. The main characters make choices that leave everyone confused and even really disorientated at times. The first installment of this show incredible. But does this mean that there will be a second season? Let’s see.

The actors in the show gave an interview on May last year where they said that the popular K-Drama is coming to its end. They say that the show doesn’t really have that much steam going forward. The actress Kim Hee Ae also bid her farewell to the show. The rest of the cast admitted that they will miss Kim Hee dearly.

The rest of the cast has also said their goodbyes so, this means that the story has kind of wrapped off. It was a one off show so, the show is done for now. The second season is cancelled for now. But if the producers do decide to go for it in the future, we might see it being released around 2022.

The World of the Married  Season 1Review

As usual, we are splitting the review into three parts.


The World of the Married is a proper crime thriller. It is a  story about a married couple whose betrayal of one another kind of leads to a revenge. It is high octane drama so, the show itself can really pull you in and you can binge it in one sitting.


The actors have done a terrific job here. They are great at what they do and almost every single character is acted well with really nice overall composure, calmness and incredibly natural expressions. All of this makes this show worth your time.


The cinematography and the direction of the series give it the crime thriller look. It looks like a really well shot thriller with a lot of connecting parts. You are left guessing for the long time. It is nicely shot too. The camera work is impeccable here.  The director does a great job of making this show really palatable to many people.

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