Top K-pop Act November: TWICE, Enhypen and Aespa Made Gaon history

top kpop act november

Every month South Korea’s chart also known as Gaon Music Chart releases the list of groups and singers who has made the best album sale throughout the month.

At the moment the chart also released the list of top kpop acts which was happened in November. The Gaon Music Chart also provides the awards and charts for those groups which will hit more than a million sales throughout the month.

These days a lot of new kpop groups are also coming on rising and creating new history every month. Like last month we saw a new rise from SEVENTEEN, Enhypen, aespa, NCT 127, and from many more groups.

Last time in October, there was a huge growth we saw from BTS when they got triple-millions of albums sale without a 30 days, followed by NCT 127’s album ‘Love Yourself: Answer!’ and ‘Sticker’ which got double million sales.

Gaon Music Chart which has also teamed up with KMCA searches and awards also provides the badges to some of the groups which have performed best. Awards start only after the group gets more than 250k sales in 30 days but sometimes groups get a lot of pre-order like SEVENTEEN got with 1.4 million pre-orders in their album ‘Attacca’.

Goan Listed NCT 127, Seventeen, and so on


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Goan released the music chart on December 9 where they listed some of the best performing kpop groups.

The first place was taken by NCT 127’s reissue, ‘Favorite’ which also did triple-million sales topped the chart and they were also listed on the second position at the month of October with double-million sales.


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Also, the second position is conquered by Seventeen’s latest album ‘Attacca’ with more than 1.4 million pre-orders and still counting. The group made many records by getting on top of the iTunes list, Japan Music Chart, and even BillBoard.

The group also managed to sell more than 2 million sales within the third week of the album release and the Gaon music chart awarded the group with a double million badges.

Enhypen are doing best

At the moment the youngest group to be awarded by Gaon is Enhypen which got about 910K pre-orders and 500k sales within a day of the album being released. And in a week they got 800K orders but their album did not manage to get more than a million orders in a month of November.

Aespa became the first girl group to achieve double-platinum status

Rookie girl group Aespa are getting unstoppable because they managed to get double-platinum sales even being a rookie group. Their first mini-album ‘Savage’ is getting very popular not just in Korea but all over the world.

aespa is also the only kpop group to get double-million orders with the first mini-album.

AKMU awarded with the platinum

AKMU’s ‘How can I love the heartbreak, you’re the one I love’ has made the best record on Goan Chart where they managed to get more than 2.5 million albums order and there is no sign of orders to get stopped.

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