TVXQ Yunho tries to escape by drinking alcohol with a woman at an illegal sex shop!


The Seoul National Police Agency of South Korea announced on the 9th that it is investigating Yunho of TVXQ on suspicion of violating the Infectious Disease Prevention Law, alleging that he stayed at a restaurant in Seoul after 12:00 pm. According to South Korean media, it was revealed that the attendants were in conflict with the police cracking down at that time, and it was confirmed that Yunho tried to escape. It also turned out that the restaurant was actually an illegal sex shop that hired female employees.

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▶Location: 4th floor, Cheongdam-dong Shopping Street Building, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

There is no signboard in the building, and there are rooms on both sides inside, and female employees come and go at any time. The shop has a membership system, and you can’t enter without making a reservation in advance.

Although it is registered as a general restaurant in the jurisdiction office, it is actually an illegal sex shop. Here, Yunho drank with three acquaintances and a female employee.

When the police rushed around midnight, acquaintances fought fiercely with the police to help Yunho escape, during which time Yunho attempted to escape. There was even talk of handcuffing when resistance became

After the fact that Yunho violated the Infectious Disease Prevention Law was revealed, Yunho was absorbed in talking with his friends on SNS and could not keep the business time limit. I posted an apology saying that I was very embarrassed and angry with myself. However, there was no mention of conflict with the police or escape.

At that time, the police were also considering filing a case with a person who was in conflict with a police officer on suspicion of obstructing the execution of public affairs, and the Gangnam-gu Office will impose administrative sanctions on this store for violating the Infectious Disease Prevention Law as soon as the police investigation is over. I decided to do it.

After the news reported that Yunho drank alcohol with a female employee at an illegal sex shop, TVXQ’s office SM Entertainment (SM) immediately made an official announcement to refute.

According to SM’s announcement, “It is a clear mistake that Yunho violated the Infectious Disease Prevention Law, and I deeply regret it, but I have never done anything wrong except for the violation of the Infectious Disease Prevention Law. Yunho was the first place I visited that day just by going to the place my friend told me when I was contacted by a friend who wanted to talk about my worries. Also, Yunho spent time with my friends and was a female employee. There is no fact that the staff was present. Yunho never tried to escape at the time of the police crackdown. Rather, he sincerely cooperated with the police and related civil servants in the execution of public affairs, and immediately after confirming their identity on the spot. Some of my friends, who didn’t realize they were police officers, protested in a hurry, but this happened regardless of Yunho. ”

On March 9, when Yunho was reported on the news due to a violation of the Infectious Diseases Control Law, there was a completely different reaction on the Internet than at Itaewon 97’s (BTS Jungkook, NCT Jaehyun, SEVENTEEN Mingu, ASTRO Unu). It was. There were many comments saying, “Yunho has done a lot of good things in the past, so don’t criticize or speak badly about this.”

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