TWICE Chaeyoung, boyfriend’s initials on handmade bracelet?

In November of last year, TWICE member Chaeyoung made a fuss about the tattooist “Chimhwasa (needle painting / real name: Jung Sung-hyun)” and his love. Chaeyoung and his agency, JYP, are consistent with no comments on their passionate theory, and it has not been revealed whether they are really dating or not. However, recently a clue has been f

On January 23, Chaeyoung uploaded some photos of everyday life in the TWICE bubble. Among them, handmade bracelets are attracting attention from photographs of boxes of accessories. It is speculated that the English initials of JSH may be the tattoo east “Chimfasa (needle painting / real name: Jung Sung Hyung)”, which has emerged as a passionate theory with Chaeyoung.




And another photo is drawing attention. A picture taken by someone of Chaeyoung lying down and looking at a mobile phone has become a hot topic.




Fans disagreed about the identity of the person in the mirror in the photo. There are opinions that TWICE members are sure to be reflected in the mirror, and there are many opinions that it is boyfriend Chimfasa.




The two enthusiastic theories emerged in a photo of a man and a woman, presumed to be Chaeyoung and Chimfasa, shopping together at Mart.

After that, photos that claimed to be evidence photos supporting the relationship between the two were released online one after another.



Chaeyoung and Chimfasa wear a ring that appears to be a couple ring on their ring finger.




The woman in the nude drawing by Chim Fasa has a mole on the left side of her lips, like Chaeyoung.


Chaeyoung’s younger brother follows Chimfasa’s Instagram.


It is presumed that the man holding the balloon in the picture of Chaeyoung’s younger brother Instagram is Chaeyoung’s boyfriend.


However, TWICE fans are against this relationship. The reason they oppose dating is that Chimfasa is in her thirties and her occupation is tattoo east (with tattoos all over her body). In addition, it was known that he had drawn obscene pictures in the past.


When Chaeyoung first tattooed, a new tattoo was added every time he made a comeback from around June 2019. There were many comments criticizing Chimfasa, thinking that this was also the influence of his boyfriend Chimfasa.


The day after the two enthusiastic theories were reported, TWICE’s agency JYP Entertainment made a short comment about this, saying “I have nothing to talk about.” Since then, Chaeyoung’s romance has not been revealed, but if the English initials of JSH on the handmade bracelet are Chimfasa’s initials, it is proof that the relationship is going well.

ound about the relationship between the two.

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