TWICE held a fan meeting with more than half of the audience seats empty

A catastrophe occurred at a TWICE fan meeting hosted by a Korean card company.

A humiliating fan meeting was held with more than half of the audience seats empty.

The card company that hosted the fan meeting held a fan meeting that only the person who spent 500,000 won (50,000 yen) or more could enter after notifying them individually by telephone.

Most of the fans who applied for the fan meeting to select 400 people by lottery fell in the lottery, so when I thought that the competition rate was fierce, the audience seats on the day of the event were rattle.

Most of the audience seats were not TWICE fans, but employees of card companies and their families.

TWICE fans suspect that the event for people who used a card of 500,000 won or more was a lie and used the TWICE fan meeting as an in-house event.


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