TWICE Jung-yeon rushed to criticism for two mistakes and lip sync during the concert!

TWICE Men Veryon has made two mistakes during the concert, and criticism has been inundated that he performed the concert at Lip Sync instead of live.

While TWICE has recently been criticized for Momo’s singing ability, this time there is a flood of writing criticizing TWICE online due to John Yong’s concert at Lipsync.

Recently, I checked the contents that TWICE has been criticized.

1. Singing power of peach

TWICE won the 1st place in the music program “SHOW CHAMPION” broadcasted on June 1 at the time of “More & More” activities.

Many of the viewers who listened to Momo’s live song on the encore stage were shocked by their singing ability.



2. Music program staff criticize TWICE?

In the popular SBS song on June 14, there was a rumor that the staff’s voice “Live really bad” was heard on the close-up camera image of the “More & More” encore stage. TWICE While the singing power of Momo was criticized, it was an event that happened, so TWICE fans criticized the SBS popular song side that it was strange for the program staff to criticize TWICE live ability.

When the criticism of popular songs increased, the SBS broadcasting station explained, “The voice of the staff heard in the image of the encore stage was not the staff of the program, the voice of the CM meshed with the on-site video of the public hall and made a misunderstanding,” This matter has settled down.



3. TWICE fans angry at malicious writing to peach

TWICE fans who were angry at criticism of Momo’s encore stage were posted on the fan community under the title, “Why is Momo trying hard, but why don’t other members help?” When Momo is being criticized, Dahyun, Sana and Mina are doing what they are. In particular, Dahyun was criticized that he wouldn’t help other than his part when he was always watching trophies on the encore stage.



TWICE’s first online concert “Beyond LIVE – TWICE: WORLD in A Day” has started live distribution from 19:00 on August 9th.



The two-hour show, connecting with 200 fans on a large screen, created an interactive moment.



TWICE showed off a gorgeous stage consisting of 15 songs and attracted fans.



The TWICE members said they were very happy to have performed for the first time in a long time.



On that day, it was controversial that John Yong, who sat for the health reasons and participated in the performance, made two lip sync mistakes.



<Turn It Up stage>

When Jong Young sang his part, the appearance of the microphone with a delay was reflected on the screen. This mistake also happened during the stage. After the concert, the media reported John Yong’s mistakes all at once.


When I saw this news, criticism against Jong Young was flooded online.

“It’s shocking to see the concert at Lipsync, but the fans of TWICE who watch it are amazing.” “The fans who pay for the Lipsync concert are amazing.” Do you have it?”, “I know that the other idol groups are live with the lyrics wrong, but TWICE is a group that misses the part and lip sync is revealed”, “Songs are poor for idols Is not a malicious writing.”


JYP Entertainment said, “Because of the health condition, I was forced to attend the performance by sitting in a chair” as to why John Yong sat and performed the concert. John Young seems to have not healed his previously damaged neck disc.


John Yong announced on V LIVE on June 8 that he was hospitalized a week before the “More & More” comeback. My neck condition is not so good that I still can’t choreograph, so I want more comments to worry about my health condition rather than mistakes during a concert.

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