Which TWICE member looks good in glasses? Member Sight Info!

Who among the TWICE members actually wears glasses?

She is rarely seen wearing glasses because she wears lenses on stage and on-air, but she can often be seen wearing them at fan signings and airports.

Especially in the case of TWICE Sanaa, who is known for her poor eyesight and wears glasses most of the time at the airport.

Mina is known to have the best eyesight of any TWICE member, but she often wears glasses on fashion items.


We looked into the members of TWICE who actually wear glasses.

TWICE members with poor eyesight: Na-young, Jong-young, Sana, Da-hyun, Chae-young

TWICE members with good eyesight: Mina, Ji Hyo, Momo, Zwi

◈Glassed twice member…..



Mina, who is known to have the best eyesight among the members of TWICE, has 1.5 eyesight on both sides.
When Mina wears glasses, she wears glasses with no lenses or no lenses.


Jung Yeon


We often see Jung Yeon in his glasses.

My eyesight is so bad that I have to wear glasses when I’m not wearing lenses.





Choi Young also has poor eyesight and has to wear glasses.

Glasses frames are often worn in the Boston or round shape.





Not much is known about Momo’s eyesight, but she wears glasses with no degrees.

She wears glasses as a fashionable item.



After undergoing LASEK surgery, Ji Hyo doesn’t usually wear glasses.

The only time I wear glasses is at a fan signing.



Sana is known to have the worst eyesight among the TWICE members.

I don’t wear glasses much because I usually wear lenses.



Ji Hyo once showed me the glasses that Na Yeon usually wears on V LIVE.

Na-yeon’s glasses are too strong and she seems to have pretty bad eyesight.



As much as Dahyun usually wears glasses, his eyesight is not very good.




Tzuyu, vision is not bad enough to wear glasses.

However, she also looks so cute in his glasses that fans often request to see him in them.

While some members use glasses as a fashion item, others wear them because they don’t actually have good eyesight.

However, all the members look good in their glasses.

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