TWICE Mina who is worried about health, new song MV shooting location leaked!

Some members of TWICE arrived at Gimpo Airport in Seoul on the 21st after finishing the MV shooting of the new song on Jeju Island. However, even before I went to Jeju Island, Mina’s complexion was pale and I was worried about her physical condition.

◈ TWICE new song MV shooting schedule

▶April 19: Gimpo Airport → Jeju Airport

▶April 20: MV shooting

▶April 21: Jeju Airport → Gimpo Airport

<19th Gimpo Airport>

Mina appeared at the airport wearing a hat and a black mask.


Mina arrives at Jeju Island and walks with her arms crossed with Sana, but Mina walks only looking at the floor. It certainly looks sick.


TWICE reappeared at Jeju Airport after successfully finishing the MV shooting for 20 days on Jeju Island. Mina, who appeared at the airport wearing a hat as deeply as two days ago, was captured by the camera this time as she walked while holding Jihyo’s hand. There was also a scene where Jihyo walking with him worriedly stared at Mina’s face.

Upon arriving at Gimpo Airport, Jihyo protects Mina next to him while many fans are rushing to the airport.


The reason why Mina’s airport is more uneasy is that Mina has suspended TWICE’s activities for about half a year due to anxiety disorder in 2019. Fans are worried that Mina may have been forced to participate in the music video because of her comeback schedule, even though she is not feeling well. Mina’s health is worried because Jung Young has just recovered her health and TWICE has just become a perfect body.

The MV shooting location of TWICE’s title song, which will come back in June, was accidentally leaked by a streamer. It seems that TWICE has reserved Lotte Hotel Jeju for one day and shot the MV.

<Overview of Lotte Hotel Jeju>


Looking only at the panoramic view of Lotte Hotel Jeju, TWICE’s new comeback song seems to be a summer song. TWICE fans are good at releasing new songs, but I hope that there are no members leaving this time due to health problems.

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