TWICE Nayeon apologizes for Momo’s comeback hairstyle leak in Dogeza!

TWICE member Nayeon has revealed that he apologized in Dogeza after leaking Momo’s comeback hairstyle.

TWICE, whose comeback has been decided on October 26, has made a comeback for the first time in 5 months since the 9th mini album “MORE & MORE” released on June 1, but it is still unclear whether the new album is a mini album or a full album. Not revealed.


TWICE recently told fans that the music video for the new song was successfully shot. What is important here is that instead of the existing naive production that was in charge of TWICE’s MV production so far, it was left to another production company to shoot the MV.


It was found that the set design of TWICE’s 9th mini album “MORE & MORE” plagiarized the work of an American artist, and although it was criticized, the company in charge of MV production at that time was naive. The MV production company Naive was not only TWICE but also an artist-only MV production company belonging to JYP Entertainment, but it seems that the contract was canceled in this case.

JYPE’s three headquarters, which are in charge of TWICE, have been giving feedback to fans after receiving a truck protest from TWICE fan ONCE.

JYP has also begun to disclose to fans the results of the cancellation of the contract with the MV production company Naive, which has been criticized so far, and the complaint of malicious writing.

<TWICE Official Instagram>

TWICE member Nayeon has posted a photo taken with Momo on TWICE official Instagram.

However, the peach hairstyle in the photo was changed to a short hairstyle.


Momo is almost similar to the short when she was active on the “What is Love?” Album, but this time she turned into a slightly shorter short.

The change in hairstyle was a secret until the day of the comeback, but Nayoung inadvertently revealed it to his fans.


Nayoung left an apology to the fan community after publishing the photo she took with Momo.


▶ Please do not see the short hair of peach.

▶ I sat down in front of the peach.

▶ Thank you ONCE.

▶ Momo wanted to keep it a secret.

▶ I accidentally made it public.

▶ I’m really sorry, my heart was pounding.

Nayeon’s spoilers are every time, so I accidentally released it this time, but TWICE fans do not seem to care much.

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