TWICE received a storm of praise on the internet when they were informed of their appearance on “6:00 Home Town”!

TWICE, who is planning to make a comeback on June 1, will appear on KBS ‘6:00 My Home’.

On May 19, KBS ‘6:00 My Home’ released a teaser video including TWICE Momo’s interview with TWICE when TWICE will be appearing on the show.

In the teaser video, actor Lee Jong-young, who is doing the “Walk 50,000 Steps” segment in “6:00 Home”, visits JYP Entertainment.

He revealed that his son is a big fan of Da Hyun.

Lee Jong Young met with TWICE member Momo on JYP and asked him to promise to appear on the show.

The TWICE members who will appear with Momo have also revealed.

The TWICE members who will perform with Momo are Jung Yong, Sana, Mina, and Chae Yong.

The filming is scheduled to take place soon, and the “6:00 Home” broadcast featuring TWICE members will be aired on June 3 at 6 p.m.

Why did the praise storm caused by TWICE appearing in “6:00 my home town” ◈….

KBS’s “6:00 Home” is the longest-running program on KBS, which started airing on May 20, 1991, and has a 29-year history this year.

It was born to tell the stories of our hometown neighbors to the city-born people who have moved to rural areas since modernization.

The viewers of “6:00 Home” are in their 50s and 70s, and the top idols representing K-POP, which is popular among the younger generation, do not appear on the show.

However, TWICE’s appearance on the show that grandparents watch has led to a flood of comments praising TWICE on the net.

When an idol group makes a comeback, they often appear on famous entertainment shows and music broadcasts, but TWICE has decided to appear on “6:00 My Home”.

With TWICE’s comeback, TWICE fans have one more thing to look forward to when they appear on a meaningful show.

On the other hand, the “Walk 50,000 Steps” segment of “6:00 Home”, in which TWICE members are scheduled to appear, features Lee Jong-young directly attaching a pedometer to the everyday life that passes by casually in the midst of busy modern life for one night and two days.

It’s a show about walking 50,000 steps and finding every corner of Korea.

It’s a healing corner where you can communicate with the elderly in the countryside about the beautiful scenery and gourmet foods from around the country that are almost forgotten, and realize the truth of life.

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