Twitter Made ‘TOP 10 Most Tweeted K-POP Group 2021’ List

top kpop artist twitter 2021

On December 10, Twitter made a new list where it included some of the “Top 10 most tweeted K-POP artists in the world in 2021”.

And the list follows from January 1st to November 15th, 2021. And you would be no surprised to know that BTS has won first place in the list and became the most tweeted kpop group or kpop related topic in 2021.

1st position by BTS

2nd  position by NCT

3rd place by EXO

4th place by Blackpink

5h place by Treasure

6th place by ENHYPEN

7th place by SEVENTEEN

8th place by TXT

9th place by ATEEZ

10th place by Stray Kids

Among the top 10 groups, there was only one girl kpop group Blackpink in the list ranking at number 4. Expect Blackpink all of them are Kpop boys group.

BTS has always managed to place at the top 1 position for about 5 years by becoming one of the most tweeted words on Twitter related to kpop. Also, BTS member Jungkook has also ranked on the 2nd position with “World’s Most Liked Tweets”.

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