Unfollow GOT7, JYP and Park Jin Young, who are in danger of breaking up!

The popular boy group GOT7 is on the verge of dissolution. On the 6th, it was reported that GOT7 member Yugyeom is in talks to transfer to AOMG. Regarding Yugyeom’s future departure, JYP Entertainment said, “We are still discussing re-contracting from various angles,” and said, “We will reorganize our position and inform you again.”

After the news that Yugyeom was moving to another entertainment agency, there was a change in JYP Entertainment’s president Park Jin-young’s Instagram followlist. Park Jin Young unfollowed three of GOT7’s members, BamBam, Jin Young and Mark.


GOT7 members who have unfollowed three people and are currently being followed are Youngjae, Yugyeom, and Jackson. Park Jin Young has never followed leader JB. And what surprised GOT7 fans was that Park Jin Young also unfollowed GOT7’s official Instagram account. It seems that GOT7 has been erased from Park Jin Young’s head.


I wasn’t silent with the members of GOT7. BamBam deleted the photo he took with Park Jin Young on his Instagram and Twitter account.


He also unfollowed the 12 accounts on Twitter’s follow list. Changed from 38 followers to 26 followers. The unfollow list also includes Park Jin Young and JYP Entertainment official accounts. However, the JYP Thailand branch account is still following.



Youngjae was not the target of Park Jin Young’s unfollow, but he unfollowed the official accounts of Park Jin Young and JYP Entertainment and organized the Instagram follow list. Youngjae currently has only eight accounts left. The eight accounts left by Youngjae are GOT7’s official account, Coco (pet) account, Jinyoung, JB, BamBam, Jackson, Mark, and Yugyeom.



I also deleted the photo I took with Park Jin Young on Instagram and the cover video.




Mark, the oldest member of GOT7, also follows only the official GOT7 account and the members’ accounts on Instagram’s follow list.




Currently, GOT7 fans have criticized Park Jin-young, who followed only some members and unfollowed other members, as a cowardly way to incite a fight between members. However, the bonds of GOT7 members were strong. All the members did not unfollow each other, but followed each other. Even if each agency is different, the day will surely come when I can play an active role as a GOT7 member.


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