UP10TION Lee Jin-hyuk is inundated with criticism for his second problematic behavior!

UP10TION member Lee Jin-hyuk’s second problematic behavior has caused a flood of criticism on the Internet.

UP10TION Lee Jin-hyuk, who is from the Mnet audition program “PRODUCT X 101”.

After “PRODUCT X 101,” Lee Jin-hyuk changed his real name from “Wei” to Lee Jin-hyuk.

Recently, Lee Jin-hyuk’s second problematic behavior has come under criticism from netizens.

1EA problematic behavior.

On September 15, 2019, during Lee Jin-hyuk-tae’s fan meeting, there was a segment where an acquaintance of mine was on screen imitating him.

At the time, Lee Jin-hyuk’s mimicry was that of Nam Do-hyun, who participated in “PRODUCE X 101” with him.

When a picture of Nam Do Hyun appeared on Lee Jin Hyuk’s screen, he received criticism from Nam Do Hyun fans for showing a mockery of Nam Do Hyun.

Lee Jin-hyuk apologized to his fans via Insta-live when he was inundated with criticism.

Lee Jin-hyuk’s apologetic comments at the time.

I wanted to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

I also contacted Do-hyun and apologized.

I hope I can continue to receive so much love and interest in my words and actions.

And I’m going to be very careful about what I say and do with that kind of self-restraint.

I’m really sorry. Thank you for your continued support. Please support Do-hyun as well.

I am truly sorry for my wrongdoing.

I told Do-hyun that I was sorry again.

I’m sorry to all the fans.


Second time the problematic behavior.

On April 30, Moon Ga Young and Kim Seul Ki, who are starring in the MBC drama “The Man’s Memory Act,” held an insta-live broadcast made under Moon Ga Young’s play name Yo Ha Jin for about 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

During the insta-live, Lee Jin-hyuk also connected and communicated by leaving a comment.

However, Kim Seul Ki’s final greeting was misleading.

▶Moon Ga-young: Hello, reporter Cho. (Lee Jin-hyuk’s role in the drama.)

▶Kim Seulgi: You, later. (He plays a lover with Lee Jin-hyuk in the drama.)

▶Moon Ga-young: Moon Ga-young looks at Kim Seul-gi’s face in surprise at his sudden statement.



Kim Seul Ki’s expression, “You, I’ll see you later,” was a greeting to Lee Jin-hyuk (reporter Cho Il Gwon).

Kim Seul Ki and Lee Jin-hyuk talked about it that way because they played lovers in the drama, but Lee Jin-hyuk fans criticized this as uncomfortable.

Afterwards, a discussion among fans ensued, and on May 8, Lee Jin-hyuk explained on Instagram that he had gone to see the insta-live and left a comment, but hadn’t heard Kim Seul-gi’s remarks that were discussed at the time.

He continued, “A few fans asked me to take stock of the situation, and I asked my manager to find footage from that time. Kim Seul Ki’s sister also apologized to me. He didn’t think he would come out of it so unconsciously. I’m sorry and I apologized,” he said.

Afterwards,Lee Jin-hyuk was angry with his fans.

What are you guys going to do when I’m the lead character in a drama? There seems to be an ongoing fight among the fans over this, but it’s no time to be fighting. I don’t want to be remembered by fans as the worst drama ever. He got angry with his fans by saying harshly, “That’s enough.

Some netizens who watched Lee Jin-hyuk’s Insta-live posted on the fan community, “I was surprised to see Lee Jin-hyuk yelling at his fans with his arrogant attitude.

Lee Jin-hyuk’s attitude towards his fans was also controversial, but it was his attitude towards his big senior, Kim Seul-gi, that drew more criticism.

Kim Seul Ki was born in 1991 and is an actress in her 10th year of acting, having made her debut in 2011.

Lee Jin-hyuk was born in 1996 and is a rookie actor appearing in a drama for the first time this year.

Lee Jin-hyuk made a series of rude remarks on Insta Live, such as “I got an apology from my big senior Kim Seul-gi” and “I decided to tolerate it.

There was no consideration or courtesy towards the senior actors.

The internet has been flooded with criticism of Lee Jin-hyuk’s attitude.

UP10TION Lee Jin-hyuk is inundated with criticism for his second problematic behavior!

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