W Season 2 (Release Date, Casts, Plot)


W is a Korean Drama that was released on MBC in 2016. The series’ director is Jung Dae-Yoon and it is written by Son-Jae Yung. The series runs for around 16 episodes and it is a suspense thriller that follows two worlds, our own world and then an alternate universe inside the webtoon. This is the reason why the show’s complete name is ‘W: Two Worlds.’

This series is highly acclaimed because of its writing and direction. The plot is very unique and it was ranked as one of the best plots on different forums as well. The show has garnered a really huge following as well. And since it comes with supernatural fantasy elements, the fanbase for the show is really huge!

There are over 16 episodes in this drama and the first episode of this drama was released on 2016 and each episode of this drama has a run time 60 minutes.

This dram is mix of fantasy, romance, action and thrill but you can also get some supernatural on this K-drama.

How good was the first season?

The first season was really good. It had 16 episodes each of 70 minutes. The show wrapped up on 2016. It had an average viewership of around 15%.

The show’s finale had a really bittersweet kind of an ending. The main heroes do find their happiness but that comes with a cost.

This is the reason why fans really want to see the story conclude and they have been begging for the second season since 2016.

Will there be a W Season 2?

Our sources tell us that the second season is a bit unlikely because the plot kind of gave us a closure. It might not have been a perfect ending but it was an ending nonetheless.

There aren’t any loose threads to tie. It even aired behind the scenes footage so, that has to be sayonara right?

In addition to this, the producers have not given out any statements about the show’s revival. And this is why we are sure that W will not be revived for another season anytime soon. But if the show’s creators do come up with any new info for the show, we will definitely update you about it.

However, if by some stroke of luck the show gets renewed, we will update you about W season2.

W Casts

Lee Jong-suk as Kang Chul

Han Hyo Joo as Oh Yeon-joo

Lee Tae-hwan as See Da Yoon

Kim Eui-Sung as Han Sang

This are some of the casts in W Season 1 and there will be the same casts in season 2, if by chance company will plan to make this drama season 2.

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