Was it EXO Kai who introduced Taeyeon and Rabbi? Or is it a helicopter?

On the morning of the 27th, while Taeyeon and Rabbi’s enthusiastic theory was reported, there is growing interest in who they are acquainted with. Currently, they are limited to EXO Kai and Girl’s Day Hyeri.

Taeyeon and Rabbi have organized the current situation where even the evidence video supporting the relationship between the two has been released.


After reporting the enthusiastic theory, Taeyeon and Rabbi each denied the enthusiastic theory through their agencies.



Taeyeon uploaded a photo of SHINee member key that says “an image that can be used when you are patient” in your Instagram story, showing discomfort with the passionate theory.



Then, as if the reporter who reported the enthusiastic theory for the first time counterattacked, the evidence video of the two dating sites was released on YouTube.



<Summary of video contents>

From the conclusion, it is a fact that Taeyeon and Rabbi have been dating for a year.



From Christmas on the 25th to the 27th, the two stayed together for two nights and three days.



① Around 10 am on the 25th, Rabbi went to Taeyeon’s house. The apartment where Taeyeon lives is completely secure, and although no one can enter except the people who live in it, Rabbi directly presses the password of the Taeyeon family to enter.

② One hour later, around 11:00 am, Rabbi left home with Taeyeon. Rabbi embraces Taeyeon’s shoulders, escorts him, and rides on Rabbi’s black Range Rover.

③ The two stopped by a nearby supermarket to buy a grill.

④ The next place the two went to was the rabbi’s house. The two spent the night together that day.

⑤ Around 1 o’clock on the 26th, one day later, the two who came out of Rabbi’s house moved to Taeyeon’s house again, and they stayed at home on that day as well.


⑥ The enthusiastic theory was reported on the 27th, and the appearance of the rabbi was seen again at around 3:40 pm on the 27th. The appearance of the rabbi riding the white car parked in front of Taeyeon’s house with extreme caution. I was caught by the camera.

In this way, the Christmas date of about 55 hours for two nights and three days was over.


Opinions are currently divided over whether it was Kai or a helicopter who introduced the two in the online community.


Rabbi and EXO Kai are known to be close friends in the entertainment world, so it was initially speculated that the acquaintance who introduced Rabbi to Taeyeon was Kai.


How close they are to each other is that when Kai forgot his Instagram password and couldn’t log in for a month, he informed his fans through Rabbi’s Instagram.




And Taeyeon publicized Kai’s solo song “MmmH” to his Instagram story. Even in the same agency, there were many reactions that it was surprising only to Taeyeon who did not publicize the albums of other singers to his SNS. There have been a series of comments saying that there was a reason to publicize Kai’s album after Taeyeon and Rabbi’s passionate theory was reported.


However, there are many opinions that some Internet users introduced the two people not to Kai but to helicopters.



Rabbi and helicopter have been on good terms for some time, and Taeyeon is also known for being on good terms.



The reason why some internet users insist that it is not Kai but Heli is that Taeyeon and EXO Baekhyun broke up after the public romance, so no matter how much the past story, they are the same EXO members as Baekhyun. He emphasized that his younger brother Kai would not introduce another man.

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