Was it Na-eun who bullied and withdrew APRIL former member Hyunju?

Hyunjus younger brother revealed to the online community that the real reason why APRIL former member Hyunju left the group was the he was mentally unbearable and left the group due bullying within the group.

After the exposure of Hyunju’s younger brother, a high school classmate released a specific case of harassment that Hyunju received within the team. The internet user, who claims to be a friend of Hyunju and the Seoul Performing Arts High School, released a selfie taken with Hyunju as evidence and released the content of the harassment with the title “All April members are the perpetrators.” did.

<Contents of harassment published by friends>

1. 1. I had a tumbler that my grandmother gave me in the dormitory, but the tumbler was gone. However, the lost tumbler was found in the refrigerator of my agency for some reason. As I learned later, Na-eun took out the tumbler without permission from Hyunju and put miso soup in the tumbler. And I left it in the refrigerator for several months without apology.

2. 2. Na-eun insisted that he bought it after stealing Hyunju’s athletic shoes, but when Hyunju showed his name on the shoes, he just said “take it” without apologizing. ..


3. 3. April members Jinsol and Jena bullied Hyunju by teasing, stepping on and kicking.


4. On the day of the broadcast, he saw Hyunju, who was the team center before the camera lights turned on, and criticized him for going behind to make his face look smaller again.


5. It was April’s former member Somin who first hated Hyunju and bullied him.


6. Chae Won made Hyun Ju get along with him to get to know Somin. I told a story that Hyunju didn’t say.

7. Chae Won was in love with the manager at that time. So even though the manager knew the fact of bullying, he didn’t know it.

8. After Hyunju committed suicide, Hyunju and Hyunju’s mother went to the company, saying that the members were remorseful at the company. However, when the members came across, they laughed and ignored them.I have listed eight specific cases of harassment that I heard from Hyunju, but the most notable of these is number 5.

The current center in April is Na-eun, but when Hyunju was there, Hyunju was the center.

On April 27, 2016, April released their second mini-album. April, who made a comeback with the title song “Tinker Bell”, was announced that Hyunju would take a break due to health problems during the comeback promotion, and five months later, he left the team. If the exposure of his brother and friends is true, why was Hyunju bullied? You can see why by looking at Hyunju’s debut process.

Born in 1998, Hyunjoo made his debut in April when he was 17 years old in his second year of high school. Hyunju made his early debut about a year after passing the DSP audition in the school and starting his life as a trainee when he was in the first grade. Meanwhile, the other members of April, Somin, have made their debut as a girls group called “Pretty” in 2012. Chae Won participated in the 2014 “KARA Project”. Na-eun is from a trainee who passed the 2014 JYP audition. Jena was selected for the DSP public audition and lived as a trainee, but she made her debut for the first time in eight months, and the case is similar to Hyunju. Jinsol also made his debut as an April member six months after joining DSP.

Therefore, Somin, Chae Won, and Na Eun have a long career and have a long trainee period, while Hyunju, Jena, and Jin Sol have a short trainee period. Ye-na and Jin-sol are the youngest on the line. At that time, he was so young that he wasn’t particularly restrained, but Hyunju, who had no background, was selected as the debut group immediately after joining the company and even won the center. It seems that it became a big threat to the existing members and became a target of jealousy.

The average age when he made his debut in April was 16.5 years old, and he was the youngest debut of a major girls group in history, so he had no choice but to become jealous. Since Jena and Jinsol are the youngest lines, it is presumed that they had no choice but to keep up with the atmosphere of bullying Hyunju.n April 2016, April made a comeback with her second mini-album, Tinkerbell, and performed in a vertical live performance of Dingo Music. You can see the atmosphere at that time by looking at the video.

Only Hyunju is out of the group behind him.

At Hyunju Part, the other members don’t react at all. At that time, this video became a hot topic, and there were criticisms of the members. Even now, I can see that I am out of the group. A few days later, Hyunju stopped working.

<Practice scene of advertising performance of grapefruit juice>

Hyunju creates a delicious drink

A member who disturbs Hyunju so that he cannot drink.

Hyunju tells him not to disturb him.


When Hyunju leaves the camera

Na-eun makes fun of Hyunju.

Na-eun did this many times.

When the bullying of April members became a hot topic, the agency DSP Media revealed its position through an official announcement. According to the official announcement, “Hyunju aspired to be a performer, but after a process of persuasion, he decided to join the team with an agreement with himself and his family. After his debut, due to physical and mental problems, he decided to join the team. I couldn’t participate in the team activities in good faith. Because Hyunju couldn’t work in good faith, there was a conflict between the members and I was damaged. ”

After the official announcement of DSP Media, Yun-young from the boy group “A-JAX” belonging to DSP Media posted a post arguing that there was no bullying. However, Yun-young is very close to Na-eun, and the two are suspected of having a lover relationship.

After posting a post arguing that Yun-young was not bullied, Internet users searched Yun-young’s SNS, but Yun-young’s SNS said that the photos and Na-eun taken with Na-eun were “mine”. There was also content to express.

It is suspected that the two are ex-girlfriends or may still be dating. When the relationship between Yun-young and Na-eun becomes clear, Internet users are flooded with writings criticizing Yun-young and Na-eun as to whether they will use such dirty hands.

As the incident worsened, DSP Media quickly argued against what was spreading in the online community.

Somin joined our company as a trainee at the age of 15 and has been practicing silently for a long time. After his debut in April, he made a lot of efforts to play the role of team leader. The fact that he hated a specific member and bullied him is unfounded.


There are about 40 to 50 tumblers in the dormitory, and I put miso soup in one of them and ate it with the members in the practice room. At that time, Hyunju talked about being his own tumbler, Na-eun immediately apologized, and Hyunju also ate separately from the members.


▶At an athletic shoe-related
company, we presented 12 pairs of the same shoes of two types to our members. Of these, four members are the same size, which is the happening caused by this.


Broadcasting Backbiting It is unfounded to say that you have spoken badly to a specific member before the start of the broadcast.


▶Life-related At
our company, we checked CCTV such as the practice room where Mr. Hyunju claimed the fact of damage, but could not find any situation mentioned. Upon confirmation, I would like to say that it was shared not only with Hyunju himself but also with his mother.


▶Manager-related It
is true that April members had a close relationship with the female manager who spent 24 hours with them at that time. The part about the manager and romance mentioned is unfounded, and I have never devoted myself to a particular member and tolerated the false facts.

▶Hyunju’s mother’s greeting-related
April members also acknowledged that the situation was serious and silently prayed without knowing what to say. This is a misunderstanding.


DSP Media argued against what was spreading in the online community, but it seemed that the online community led the bullying with DSP Media and April members, confirming that this was not a lie but a real story. There is a flood of criticisms of Na-eun.

◈ The last was cute Hyunju during the April activity era


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