Was it Na-eun who revealed the sexual relationship contract of former APRIL member Hyun-joo?

There is growing suspicion that the poster who claims to be a former DSP employee and has exposed the sexual relations contract of former APRIL member Hyunjoo is APRIL Na-eun.

Mr. A, who claims to be a former employee of DSP Media, the agency to which APRIL belongs, posted a statement on Instagram on the 22nd regarding former member Hyunjoo of APRIL. Mr. A said, “I’ve been an employee of DSP since you were a trainee.” “It’s a world that believes in ridiculous lies, so it’s as if the world is misunderstanding as yours.” So I’ll write some truths. “

Mr. A said, “You entered DSP as a performer part from high school. I think this is also unbelievable, so I will post the photos you sent to the company,” and also posted the photos that Hyunju took in the past. did. He continued, “You should know. When you got plastic surgery and cleaned up, suddenly you created a girls group called APRIL. Maybe you didn’t want to be a girls group, there aren’t many left until your debut. But I went out to play with my boyfriend. “


However, it is suspected that the disclosure statement posted by Mr. A was actually posted by APRIL member Na-eun, not a former DSP employee. As proof of this, I compared the text that Na-eun posted on the APRIL fan club with the text that he revealed about Hyun-joo. Comparing the contents, it was the same that the arrangement of letters was wrong and the grammar was wrong only for a specific word.

The other bulletin board created by Mr. A said “Hyunju, stop lying ^^ …” by hand, but it is said to be very similar to Na-eun’s handwriting. It is quite possible that Na-eun posted a statement about Hyunju’s private life by misrepresenting a former DSP employee. Among the April members, he suffered the most tangible and intangible damage, and now he is in an unrecoverable state, so he has the greatest bad feelings. In order to openly deny Hyunjoo bullying like Chae Won and Jena, there was a testimony that he bullied Hyunjoo in high school, so I could not do so and it is possible that the method I chose eventually revealed to a former employee of the company There is also.


When reading Mr. A’s revelation statement, Hyun-joo, who made his debut in APRIL, was presumed to have been bullied by the members when he was in the spotlight with his good looks. However, looking at Hyunju’s past photos, it seems that he has grown only in height with a face that is almost the same as the present. There are many opinions that the story of shaping that Mr. A insisted is a lie.




Mr. A also revealed Hyunju’s sexual relationship contract. The following contents were posted in the sexual relations contract that Mr. A exposed.

1. 1. Don’t just try H

2. 2. You should think only about me in H

3. 3. Wash your body cleanly before H

4. H does not do it with too much force

5. Do not do it more than 3 times




On a famous Korean YouTube channel, Mr. A’s revelation was written by a woman who knows Hyunju well, claiming that both JH and KWS are entertainers and boy idols. He told me that he shouldn’t know such a detailed story as a male employee.


It is not clear whether the person who posted the disclosure statement is a former employee or really Na-eun, but many nets supporting Hyunju in the statement that exposed the unconfirmed content as if it were a fact The users criticized Mr. A who posted the disclosure statement.

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