What does BTS Jimin and Friendship Padds mean to SHINee Taemin?

The friendship with BTS Jimin in SHINee Taemin’s heart seems special. Taemin revealed his feelings for BTS Jimin and the members of “Friendship Paddings”.

SHINee member Taemin, a close friend of the same age, appeared as a guest on episode 9 of the variety show “CLOSE UP” where VIXX member Rabbi is the MC. During the show, Taemin revealed what he thought about the members of “Friendship Paddings”.

What is “Friendship Padding”?

“Friendship Padding” is a social gathering of idols, consisting of 7 members including HOTSHOT Timoteo, VIXX Ravi SHINee Taemin, EXO Kai, BTS Jimin, Ha Sung Woon, and one friend of the general public (Kwon Ho). There is.

How did “Friendship Padding” come about?

The reason why “Friendship Paddings” was created began in Timoteo (Mungu). Timoteo, a longtime SM entertainment trainee, had a close relationship with Taemin and Kai, but he introduced his school’s ordinary friends (Kwonho) to Taemin and Kai, and the four became friends for a long time.

Here again, Timoteo made Ha Sung Woon a member of the social gathering and the five became friends. Then, Sung-woon welcomed Jimin to Kaigarabi, and the number became seven.

How did Ha Sung Woon and Jimin become best friends?

Ha Sung Woon was originally a friend of BTS J-Hope since he was a trainee, but he got to know BTS Suga and was introduced to Jimin by Suga. After that, I got along very well with Jimin and became friends.

The name of the “Friendship Padding” social gathering was a down jacket (padding) designed directly by Taemin, which was given to the members by the fans.

What does Jimin mean to Taemin?

“Jimin is a very good younger brother, a younger brother than me, but I’m glad he’s a really great artist and is recognized worldwide.”

Jimin admits that Taemin, a singer with a 12-year career who has been a top solo singer as a SHINee member, is an amazing artist.

Fans hope that the friendship of “Friendship Padds” will continue in a good relationship that can enhance each other.



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