What happened to Kim Jeong Hwan?

Kim Jeong Hwan

Born on April 16, in Ulsan South Korea, Jeong hwan better known as Yohan was a member of a South Korean band named TST. Yohan gained a lot of attention in 2020, not because of his band or his music, rather it was something much unfortunate, it was sad because of his death on June 16, 2020. Even though the truth behind his death or suicide which we don’t know of, is still not revealed. The reason is still not made public to the media or his fans because of his family’s request.

Before we get into his death and the story behind it, let’s get to know more about Yohan as a person and an idol. Yohan in 2015 debuted with the band NOM, which previously stood for No Other Man. Sadly, the group did not survive long, as Yohan joined TST, formerly known as Top Secret, as their lead vocalist in 2017 when NOM disbanded.TST, a 7-member group under KJ Entertainment, started on January 4, 2017, with the mini-album ‘Time’s Up’, and returned in June with the next mini-album ‘Wake Up’ on June 4, 2017.

In April, Top Secret was renamed TST. On January 3, 2018, their debut single “Love Story” was released on May 28. On January 2, 2020, TST released a single with the same name as the album ‘Countdown’. A video of the deceased’s spectacular performance can be seen below. It was his last single released during his lifetime:

TST’s agency, KJ Entertainment, has not made an official statement other than the singer’s death and the family’s sorrow. Fans speculate that he committed suicide because the cause of death is unknown. He was quite active on Vlive, a streaming network that many Kpop singers use to connect and connect with their fans. In the last Vlive, he mentioned Pyeongchae Bukwon’s ‘Everyone is turning 30’ and said the most impressive word, “I don’t want to be the main character, but life was so bad. For the past 30 years, I don’t deserve extras?” Everyone on this stage, whether as a host or an extra, deserves the attention of life.”When his admirers learned the news, they were stunned and saddened beyond words. His personal Instagram account has been converted into a remembrance account in order to maintain his presence on the site with his admirers.

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