What is BTS Webtoon? 7Fates Chakho and Shaman Explained


Fans are very excited to know about BTS Webtoon ‘7Fates: Chakho’ which first episode was just released and it has enjoyed success from its very beginning.

And this Urban Fantasy storytelling shares the traditional elements like Chakhogapsa and Shaman. So, we are going to share the real meaning of Chakhogapsa and Shaman in detail below.

Episode 1, this webtoon is all about Zeha (Jungkook) who started the journey to know about his past life, he also tries to find the real reason why his father was passed away.

At the end of this webtoon, Zeha meets Haru (Jimin), the real work of Zeha was to protect the earth from beom.

What does Chako mean?


So, as we got the hint about 7Fates which indicates 7 members of BTS and Chako meaning has still not been revealed but we can make a guess.

‘7Fates: Chakho’ is based on the traditional culture of Korea a fairy tale story of “Chakhogapsa” who is also known as Beom or tiger hunter of the Joseon Dynasty. And seven characters are called Chako, they work in a team and hunt the tigers which have been destroying the villages.

Another reason can be found in RM explanation where he told the real meaning of ‘7Fates Chakho.’ As per him, 7Fates is about the seven destinies and goals that are tied to each other by their fate with ‘Chakko/ Chakho’ which also means Chains in Korea.

What Does Shaman mean?

‘Shaman’ means “a priest or a person who do magic for curing the sick, can control the events and helping the poor”. Many times Shaman related guy story K-drama has made released on the internet.

What does Haru Mean?

‘Haru’ (Jimin) is a person who is guarding the world against external evil powers. But, due to the involvement of Zeha (JungKook), the seal of the gate broke and the evil entity starts to enter the world.

Where to read ‘7Fates Chakho’ Episode 2

‘7Fates Chakho’ will be released on January 21st at 9 PM ET/ January 22nd, 11 AM KST on Webtoon.

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