What is the “97th Annual Meeting”? BTS JongKook, ASTRO Cha Eun-woo, NCT Jaehyun, SEVENTEEN Mingyu

While the Itaewon Club in Seoul, South Korea has been infected with the new coronavirus one after another, the members of the K-pop idol friendship group “97 Years Club” who had a drinking party near the Itaewon Club have been having a discussion.

At that time, the members of the K-POP idol “97th Anniversary Party” were BTS Jungkook, ASTRO Cha Woon, NCT Jaehyun, and SEVENTEEN Mingyu.


According to the media, “On that day, four idols representing K-POP gathered in Itaewon. The report said, “I spent the beginning of Golden Week (April 24~May 5) in Itaewon, from the evening of the 25th until the early morning of the 26th.

97EA ◈ What is the association?

Including BTS Jong-Guk, ASTRO Cha Unu, NCT Jae Hyun, SEVENTEEN Mingyu, and GOT7 Yugyeom, who didn’t attend the party back then, five people born in 1997 got together and held a party called “1997 Party”.



Until last year, the “97th Party” flaunted its friendship by posting photos of the party on SNS.

For whatever reason, some fans of the “97th Annual Meeting” members demanded that their office cut ties with Jongguk.

Perhaps because of this, since the beginning of this year, the “97th meeting” exchange has not been made public, and Mingyu has deleted the photos of the meeting from her Instagram, and even a theory of discord has emerged.

However, it was confirmed that the discord theory was just a rumor since they had a drinking session together at Itaewon.


‘Dispatch’ recently confirmed the substance of the rumored ‘Itaewon Idol’. The idols who gathered at Itaewon on this day were the mainstays of “97”, Jongguk, Cha Woonu, Jaehyun, and Mingyu.

Jongguk, Cha Woon, Jaehyun and Mingyu walked around Itaewon’s two restaurants and entertainment facilities. Of course, this was the time when the new coronavirus was in the process of converging, but I took the decision somewhat lightly.

In addition, one online community posted an eyewitness account of seeing two popular idols at the Itaewon Club.

The internet user who posted the sighting posted that he “was at the club from the night of the 25th until the early hours of the 26th,” which is consistent with what the Dispatch reported.


However, the netizens who posted the sighting suddenly found that what they posted to the online community was a lie.

He posted a direct apology by posting that he was sorry for lying.

And that net user has deleted the account.

There are two possible cases where an internet user suddenly posted an apology and deleted their account.

(1) There were no related reports, and his office denied it. What’s more, when this issue started to appear in the news, I got scared and posted an apology and ran away.

(2) I spread the hoax, but I got scared because it was true.

On the Internet, we believe that the apology was posted for reason number 1.

‘Dispatch’ points out that it’s more a matter of how to deal with it after what the Itaewon club has done.

Jongguk, Cha Woonu, Jaehyun, and Mingyu, who have been playing the Itaewon club, have received diagnostic tests for a new type of coronavirus infection.

The results are all negative, but considering the incubation period, you have to watch out for at least two weeks (until May 10).


However, Cha Woong Noo has started his comeback efforts for ASTRO.

On May 7, he appeared on the radio programs “Cartoo Show” and “HIDDEN TRACK2”.

On the 8th and 9th, he performed on the music programs “Music Bank” and “Music Center”.


In the case of NCT Jaehyun, she appeared as an MC on the music show “Popular Songs”.

He appeared live on the 26th of last month and on the 3rd and 10th of last month.

Jongguk and Mingyu did not have an official schedule.


When “Dispatch” reported that Jongguk visited Itaewon at the end of April, his office, BITHIT Entertainment, revealed their position that they are “currently confirming the fact.


ASTRO Cha Woong-woon’s office Fantasio also responded that it was “under confirmation” in relation to the report that she had received a diagnostic test for Itaewon’s visit and a new type of coronavirus infection.

After the “Dispatch” article was reported, the fan community and Twitter received a lot of comments defending the members of the “97 Society”.

In particular, Jongguk fans said, “Jongguk wasn’t in Itaewon at the time. Jongguk went to the strawberry farm,” he claimed.

In fact, the keyword “strawberry farm” even appeared on a Korean Twitter trend along with a hashtag supporting Jong-Guk.



However, this afternoon (18th), BITHIT Entertainment, BTS’s office and ASTRO’s office Fantasio announced that “Jongguk and Cha Woong-woon apologized for having a drinking party at Itaewon and admitting that they had been tested for a new type of coronavirus infection.


<(Full text of BITHIT Entertainment’s official announcement)

Hello, this is BITHIT Entertainment.

Here’s our position on BTS member Jong-Guk’s visit to Itaewon, Seoul.

First of all, I would like to apologize for the media inquiries we received last week regarding our visit to Itaewon in Jongguk, as we later realized that there was a problem with our response to these inquiries.

It is true that Jongguk went to Itaewon. At the time of the visit, however, it did not go to the place in question in the early May outbreak, which was about a week before the date the first infected person went to Itaewon. In addition, we have taken steps such as voluntarily undergoing a diagnostic test for a new type of coronavirus infection in accordance with government guidelines, and we have determined that it is not appropriate to disclose the artist’s personal daily life to the public.

However, this decision is indefensible in that it clearly fails to recognize the severity of social distancing as an artist’s agency and places more emphasis on protecting the privacy of the artist. I would like to bow my head and apologize to everyone.

Jongguk visited Itaewon’s restaurants and bars with his acquaintances in the evening of April 25 (Saturday). After the visit, there were no symptoms of the new coronavirus infection, such as cough and fever, and the patient was voluntarily tested at a selective clinic and tested negative. At present, the artists themselves are deeply reflective of the fact that they are not faithfully participating in social efforts to distance themselves from society.

BITHIT Entertainment will do its best to follow the guidelines and prevention rules related to the new coronavirus, including keeping a social distance in our lives. We will comply more thoroughly to ensure that such a problem does not occur again. We apologize for the concern we have caused our fans and many others.


<Fantasia’s official announcement in full.

Hello, this is Fantasio.

It has been confirmed that Cha Woonu went to Itaewon on April 25. Due to our mismanagement, we have not been able to keep our promise of “social distance” to you, and we are very sorry for any concerns you may have had.

Cha Wunu did not go to the place where the outbreak of infection caused the problem in early May, and our company inquired with the Disease Control Headquarters whether it was subject to a new coronavirus selection test, and received the response that if there were no symptoms, the test was not a mandatory recommendation. However, for the health and safety of the artist and those around him, he has already been tested at a selective clinic and tested negative.

Regardless of the reason, at a time when all citizens are practicing “social distance”, the visit of affiliated artist Cha Woonu near Itaewon was an inconsiderate act, and the artist himself is deeply remorseful of the part of him that is currently not faithful to his efforts to put social distance.

In the future, I can assure you that our artists will thoroughly adhere to the living quarantine rules and will do their best to ensure that something like the one we have just seen doesn’t happen. I’m sorry for your concern.

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