What’s happening at aespa, Karina, Winter, Gisele sightings!

Maintaining communication with fans through livestreaming platforms, as well as social media and YouTube content, is an important factor for today’s idols. It’s even more important for new idols who need strong coverage to get closer to their fans.

However, not all new idols invest in their agencies to publish a lot of self-produced content. The most typical example of this is Espa. Espa currently belongs to SM Entertainment, the second largest entertainment company in South Korea, but since its debut, the amount of self-produced content has been too small and fans are dissatisfied. Espa Recently suspended for the next album. All the SNS photos that are updated occasionally.

The official YouTube channel for Espa was last on March 12th and hasn’t been updated for about a month and a half.

Instagram hasn’t been updated for more than 10 days since the bulletin on April 18th. It’s rare to find an idol group who is new to the preparation period for the next album but doesn’t update new content so far.

However, a photo was posted to the online community today with sightings of Espa members Karina, Winter and Gisele. A fan posted a photo and sightings that he saw Karina, Winter, and Giselle at a cafe on the 28th.


Espa fans said that BTS remained a world star and still interacted with them frequently, arguing that they should emulate BTS. Espa is scheduled to make a comeback in June. Before that, we should deepen our interaction with our fans.


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