From When ISAC 2022 will Start? Lineup and Details

ISAC 2022

ISAC which also means Idol Star Athletics Championships 2022 is about to begin and kpop fans are very excited to get details about the lineup. At the moment there is a buzzing moment all over Twitter and Naver talking about who may participate in this championship.

Some kpop fan has predicted that there will be top kpop groups like NCT, BTS, Stray Kids, and many more.

ISAC was first introduced by MBC special show and it has been making buzz since 2010, when this championship was started there were over 16 teams that were held at Mokdong Stadium.

But due to COVID-19, we won’t be able to see 16 groups participating in the group.

 When is ISAC 2022 Starting?

As per Naver, ISAC 2022 will start from February 1, 2022, onwards.

But till now MBC has not made any special announcement or released a statement on this topic.

Lineup Rumors

As per experts, ISAC 2022 lineup will include new boy groups like Treasure, BAE173, T1419, Enhyphen, P1 Harmony, MCND, Wei, E’last, MCND, Drippin, GHOST9, Future Boys, ONEUS, TXT, Cravity, ONEWEi, Winner, Cypher and many more.

In the case of girls groups, there will be groups like Weeekly, Purple Kiss, STAYC, Secret Number, Aespa, Hot Issue, Kep1er, and more.

Also, some rumors have stated that BTS, NCT, Stray Kids, Seventeen, The Boyz, Victon, Astro, Pentagon may get involved in the championship.

But in these three years, BTS has never made any appearances in the championship and it is almost sure that we may not see them this year too.

How to Watch ISAC 2022?

MBC show ISAC can be watched through MBC Entertainment’s YouTube channel. And it won’t cost any money to watch the show.

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