Who are the three new members of NCT, which can be expanded infinitely?

SM Entertainment’s boy group NCT, whose flag is infinite expansion, has announced a new unit debut this year, and new members will join in. Currently, NCT is made up of 23 members, and there are rumors that the number of new members will be 26 when the three new members join.

A trainee entering the SM Entertainment headquarters with the manager was witnessed. The stage names are jay and dylan. Despite wearing a mask, it looks like a handsome guy. I can’t be sure that the two trainees are new members of NCT, but they are nominated.


In early February, SM trainees evaluated the Japanese unit as Jay and the Chinese unit as Dylan. And another prominent name “Yuchan”.

After opening a personal Instagram in December last year, NCT unit related information was uploaded and it was taken up as a candidate for a leading new member. Yuchan, who is presumed to be a Japanese trainee of SM, opened an Instagram on December 23, 2020 and posted four notices. At that time, there were 28,000 followers.


Yuchan also released a dance practice video, but the place where he practiced dance was actually the SM practice room.

When Yuchan became overly interested, he left only one dance practice video and deleted all the previous photos and videos. After that, I uploaded two new masked photos.


According to the information posted on SNS by Yuchan, the name of the new NCT unit is “NCT V” and the number of members is 7. If it is a Japanese unit, there is a possibility that Japanese members Yuta and Shotaro will join among the 23 NCT members.

A few days later, Yuchan deleted all the photos he posted on Instagram. And on January 18, 2021, he left a new photo and message.

“I’m back in Korea. I know I made a lot of mistakes, but I promise to do my best and achieve good results. Thank you for your love and support. I will continue to work until the end. I promise you that. ” This account was deleted at the end of this post.

There are rumors that the three new NCT members have already been confirmed. The nationalities of the three are one Korean, one Japanese, and one Chinese.

In a keynote speech at the global startup festival “COME UP 2020” held online last November, SM Entertainment’s CEO Lee Sung-soo said to NCT, which allows unlimited expansion of units (small groups), “We are in Japan. “We have plans to extend NCT to many cities in Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe, Australia, and later to Africa,” he said. “A fairly large NCT team will debut next year.”


Due to the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus, we believe that a new unit, NCT Japan, is most likely to be born in Japan, which has been the stage of outsourcing activities to South Korea so far, than in other regions.

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