Who is EXO’s Chen’s wife?

EXO chen

Many K-pop fans might not know or hear of the name Jang Min-hee but you might take an interest in her as soon as you find that she is related or connected to one of the famous idols Exo’s Chen. She is also known as Exo’s fan as she is not a celebrity like her husband. This inspired many fans and also made the entire fandom curious about her.

Jang Min-hee

It was in 2015 that EXO-Ls dug hard and found out that Chen might be dating someone by the name of Jang Min-hee. This caused an uproar and got people in a frenzy of looking for clues about the identity of Chen’s wife and their relationship as he wasn’t involved in any dating rumors since his debut with EXO in 2012.

Even though their relationship used to be private but later it was reported by the fans that the couple used to spend their holidays in Los Angeles together, and the fans also spotted some couple items between them.

The fans had already made assumptions that the woman’s name is Jang Min-hee. The fans had already guessed about their relationship since a couple of years ago, and Chen’s wedding rumor was already spread in 2019. The fans also suspected that an Instagram account named  @mihee.xoxo was her account. The account has been already deleted but some fans had speculated that Jang Min-hee used to post the moment where she attended EXO’s concert and took a picture in front of Chen’s poster.

Official Reveal

It was on 20th February 2020 that SM Entertainment made an official statement to the media about Chen’s wedding news. In the statement, SM Entertainment showed respect and supported his decision. But after Chen said that he is about to get married to his non-showbiz fiancee and that the girl is seven months pregnant with their first child. SM Entertainment released another statement that stated that “Chen met someone so dear to him and that he is soon to be getting married. His bride is a non-celebrity and wishes for privacy as they will be doing the wedding in private with their close friends and families.”

The agency also asked the fans and reporters to be understanding and respect their decision. Later the agency explained that he would still continue working with them as an artist and hope the fans send him a bunch of love and support as well. Chen also announced his marriage via a letter to his fans.


On January 13, the news outlet Sporbiz reported that according to an acquaintance, Chen and his non-celebrity girlfriend held a wedding ceremony that day. As stated their wedding was done privately. After the wedding announcement, he was spotted in a jewelry store, and the media news spread through the internet. In that picture, he seemed to look for certain jewelry and browsed around the jewelry store.

Later on, it was revealed that the photo was taken in May 2019 by a fan who accidentally met him at the jewelry store. But other fans revealed that it was revealed in 2018. The fans who assumed that the media news was taken in 2018 revealed that Chen was only looking for earrings. Meanwhile, the other fans believed that the photo was taken in May 2019 and also he went there to buy a ring for his girlfriend at that time.

Enjoying the married life

It seems that EXO’s Chen has been really enjoying his married life as a newlywed with his wife! By looking at the happiness which was spotted through a picture that spotted EXO’s Chen with his wedding ring when he was about to attend a certain event we can conclude that Jang Min-hee is perfect for him. Although his face was covered up with a mask, and the beanie hat was also spotted as a disguise, the fans still recognized EXO’s Chen in the picture.

 Officially becoming a father

He and his wife officially welcomed their first child on April 29. The South Korean daily newspaper The Financial News revealed that Chen’s wife had given birth to a baby girl in Cheongdam, Gangnam District. “May their love grow stronger each and every passing year.”

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