Who Is Kang Gary’s Wife?

Kang Gary's Wife

As famous as Gary is, not many people know about his wife. Korean reporters have unveiled who Gary’s wife really is. They found out that her wife’s last name is Kim, and she was an employee at Leesang Company. It is the company which was founded by Gary and Gill. The reporter found out that she was 10 years younger than her husband and was born in1988. She had also worked at that company for 5 years and was in an entry-level position.

As we all know how celebs keep their life in privacy not much information has been obtained about his wife. But later her full name was revealed to be Kim Se-Eun. Not much is known about his wife.

Kim Se-Eun

However, in an interview with Garry, he finally revealed his story to the public. From that interview, we got to know that by working in the entertainment industry for 20 years he was burned out and overloaded with stress. So, he said hasta la vista to everything and got married during this time. They had a child as well, which became a good reason to take a leave. During the leave, he probably had to change his baby pee-pee diapers and clean the baby’s poopy. But he was happy and realized that real happiness was just around him.

It was in 2017 that he made a post about his marriage on Instagram. In that post, he had posted that they did not hold a wedding ceremony. In addition to this In the interview, he explained that they didn’t hold a wedding ceremony and instead decided to register their marriage and live a happy life. Also, her wife abided by this decision as they valued each other after the wedding itself. Which made Garry grateful for her. Garry also felt bad about this.

From the interview, we can conclude that he is very happy, and also from his words, it seems that Kim Se-Eun is very kind-hearted and understanding. They both love each other a lot. Despite having a secret marriage with a noncelebrity woman I believe that he made a very good decision in his life to take it easy and settle down at the right time.

Recently, Kim Se-Eun had been making headlights due to her visuals. She has uploaded a series of her photo on her personal Instagram account. In the post, she was seen wearing a classic trench coat and a black bag. Her cute phone case and purple nails were adorable. You can watch more of her photos on her Instagram account under username @hi__seeya.

In that picture, many think that she resembled a very famous South Korean actress named Lim Soo Jung. I also think they have some similarities like their smile and short hair. It’s very heartwarming to see couples like them inspiring many people to understand what real happiness means and what’s really important.


They kept their child’s name as Kang Ha Oh. Also, their child is very cute and intelligent. He speaks well at a very young age and knows how to use vocabulary which is very rare among children. As well as his memory is very good which even surprised his own father.

“A happy family is the pillar of a happy society” So let’s wish for their well-being and happy life.

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