Who is Lee Kwang-soo Ex-Girlfriend?

Lee Kwang-soo

Famous for his traitorous nature as well as being the unluckiest member of the show “Running Man”. It’s sad to see him leave the show. It was entertaining for us to see him fail for his karma. He had earned the title “Icon of Bad Luck”.

As he was very tall he got the nickname “Traitorous Giraffe”. He made us laugh a lot as he was very hilarious in the show. A lot of people love him from all over the world. He wasn’t only known for his traitorous nature, he would never leave any opportunity to flirt with female guests.

Apparently, he is dating Lee Sun Bin but you are here for his ex-girlfriend so let’s get into it.

Kwang-soo Ex-Girlfriend Rumor

On the 9th broadcast “Running Man”  Haha had threatened to post the picture of Lee Kwang’s ex-girlfriend on SNS. Although this episode is very hilarious as well and made for entertainment. From Haha’s words, we can assume that he must have an ex-girlfriend.

To this day not much is known about her real ex-girlfriend. But many speculate that it was Chae  Rina since it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The first love of his life

However, in episode126 of that show, there was a special guest named Song Hye-jin. She was the first love of our Prince of Asia. He had his first love when he was only in elementary school.

In that episode, he said that he had genuine feelings for her and liked her a lot. In order to impress her in childhood, he played football despite bleeding after getting bitten by a dog. This shows how cheesy he was even in his childhood.

Before meeting her in the show they had a conversation on the phone, from that conversation we get to know that his nickname during childhood was King Kong and she also said he was an ugly friend. He was nervous before meeting his first love. Both of them were embarrassed to see each other. He tried to welcome her by rubbing her head as the other members have taught him, but guess what she didn’t like kinship and dodged as if Muhammad Ali had been dodging the punches.

After that, they begin to talk about their memories from the past and it was revealed that got separated after second grade. they got the chance to reunite after 25 years. She said that she used to fight other students that liked to bully him as he was a very quiet kid. But I personally think that they are the ones who got betrayed by him and formed an alliance to bully him.

Later on, the other members asked her to tell about what kind of person he was during childhood to which she replied that he was quiet and caring. They also asked her if she had a boyfriend. She then laughing tells everyone that she is already married.

Upon hearing this shocking news everyone gets so shocked as if they had seen a monkey smoking cigarette for the first time. And everyone starts singing Aye yay shocking and that’s it folk.

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