Who is the richest BTS member?

BTS has done another feat: their new single butter has been number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for the sixth straight week. This is the new best for the group. The popularity of this song was a great way to celebrate the 8th wedding anniversary earlier this month. During this time, they saved a huge fortune, bought a luxury home, and gave expensive gifts to their loved ones. BTS will release a new album on July 9th, so let’s take a look at her net worth and her personal projects and investments. In addition to music, goods, and tour income, BTS members each own 68,385 shares of Hybe (formerly Big Hit Entertainment), which they received at the time of the IPO in October last year. According to E Today News, as of June 19, the value of their stock had risen to 20 billion won per share.

J-hope- 26$ million

Various media outlets such as Seoul Space and K-Pop Stars selected J-Hope as the highest-paid member thanks to the popularity of the solo mixtape ‘Hope World’ released in March 2018. According to the site,  Hope’s value increased thanks to the popularity of the solo mixtape ‘Hope World’ released in March 2018. The project’s major hit, “Daydream,” achieved its first Billboard Worldwide Digital Song chart. With “Chicken Noodle Soup,” he became the first BTS member to become a Hot 100 solo hit. He was the first member to have his own apartment, which he bought for $1.2 million in 2016. Hope World was a huge hit, and since the mixtape, it has even demonstrated its ability to use social media like TikTok and Instagram. After World of Hope was published, J-Hope bought a luxury condo in Seoul for $2.2 million. From the way j hope dresses with the most expensive fashion wardrobe, it’s very prominent that, Hoseok isn’t to shower himself with luxury. Even the members themselves have said that Hoseok is the one that always buys the most expensive clothes.

Suga- 23-25$ million

Suga, who has a net worth of $25 million, is close behind J-Hope. Suga is likewise famed for his solo aspect project, Agust D, which produces hit raps and songs. thanks to the success of his solo mixtapes Agust D and D2, Suga became the second-highest-paid member of BTS.
Even earlier than his debut, at the age of 13, he began out penning songs and making tunes. He started out running in a tuning studio at the age of 17, generating and providing mega-hit songs with well-known artists which include IU`s Eight and Lee So-Song RA’s Request. Suga, J-Hope, and BTS’s RM made several hits for the group, including Boy With Luv, and the three became the first lyricists and songwriters to enter the Billboard Hot 100 with the Korean song Life Goes On

RM- 26$ million

RM contributed to Butter’s latest hit, one of over 170 songs created by the Korea Music Copyright Association. Imagine all your income! RM also peaked at number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 Producer Chart in the first week of June. He’s additionally a songwriter with extra than one hundred thirty songs to his name. He’s launched mixtapes on his own (RM and Mono). He also collaborated with rapper Warren G on the song “Please Don’t Die” (PDD). It may not come as a wonder if RM is going directly to turn out to be an effective manufacturer withinside the Korean tune commercial enterprise, whether or not for Kpop or Korean Hip Hop.
So what does he like to spend money on? RM likes to collect paintings, which can also be viewed as investments as their value increases over time.

Jimin- 20$ million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jimin’s net worth is estimated at around $20 million. Aside from her vocals and her role as a dancer, Jimin made her headlines with RM when she cashed in on Nine One Hannam’s apartment in Beverly Hills, South Korea. In addition to a fortune worth $5.3 million, Jimin made a smart financial decision by purchasing an old apartment in Banpo Jugong for $3.9 million. It is receiving 1 billion won (about $ 881,000) for redevelopment, and the cost is likely to surge due to its strategic location on the Han River. rands love Jimin, who took 1st place for 19 consecutive months in the 100 individual idol brand reputation rankings.

Jungkook- 24$ million

The “golden maknae” (youngest member) is famed for making the entirety he buys and makes use of move viral, and he turned into the most-searched K-pop big name on YouTube withinside the first 1/2 of 2021. Jungkook additionally has an internet really well worth of US$20 million, in line with Celebrity Net Worth, and his stake in Hybe makes him the youngest – at 23 – at the listing of Korean celebrities with inventory options, in line with Hankook Ilbo. While he’s the most up-to-date member of BTS, he has already executed a lot. According to reports, Jungkook paid $1.7 million in coins for his rental in Seoul. He’s said numerous instances that he desires to make his personal mixtape, and BTS enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to it. He has the capacity to rocket up this listing as soon as he does.

V-22$ million

Jin- 20$ million

Aside from being the group`s visible and vocalist, Jin, the group’s eldest member, has confirmed guidelines of monetary aptitude, commencing a Japanese eating place together along with his brother in 2018 in keeping with Seoul Space. He is likewise regarded to return back from a rich own circle of relatives, as he said in a 2020 interview with The Wall Street Journal that his “own circle of relatives is all in commercial enterprise.” Who is aware of what commercial enterprise he will release next.

Even though the net worth has varied over the years, it’s safe to stay that the boys have made a name for themselves and are able to live a happy and comfortable life, which is all thanks to their hard work.

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