Why BTS Fans Are Called ARMY?

BTS have a very passionate fandom called the ARMY. The name comes from their song “Army” which they released on April 25, 2017 as part of their Love Yourself: Her album. The acronym ARMY is short for Adorable Representative MC for Youth.

BTS’s fanbase has grown exponentially over the past year and there are more than 200 million tweets about them on Twitter.

How do fans become ARMY? To join the army, you could follow @BTS_twt (the official twitter account of BTS), or simply by retweeting one of their messages and using the hashtag #btsarmy. Fan accounts also help with this process – for example, @BTS_ARMY to follow ARMY tweets.

How did the BTS ARMY get their name?

The members all share messages to encourage and support each other’s dreams. They will also take the time to reply to fan questions and comments.

BTS’s songs resonate well with their fans, who are more than just followers. Together they’re part of a movement that is changing how people view themselves and redefining what it means for an idol group in Korea.

What has BTS done to earn Army’s Support

BTS has the youngest member in their group, Jungkook. He is a champion of self-expression and often shares his struggles with others on social media to show how he overcame them. They are also known for being an active listener to fans’ thoughts – at times they will spend hours reading comments and replying to them.

Why Army’s Support is Important

BTS has gone from being a K-pop group that was unknown to one of the biggest in the world, and they have done it all with their fans by their side. ARMY’s support is more than just online – they turn up at events like concerts armed with banners, and they have even shown up at the Louvre to support BTS.

Since BTS’ debut back in 2013, they have been steadily making waves and growing a large fandom. Fans started calling themselves ARMY – an acronym for “Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.”

Why did they decide to choose the name ‘ARMY?’

“The word army just means we are all united,” says Jungkook. “We’re one, just like the army.”

“It’s also because we are a group of young people who will protect and show love for each other,” says Jimin.

– BTS’ fans make up an impressive fanbase that is loyal to them through thick and thin

– They have been by their side through their music releases, album promotions, and tours

– ARMY is a long-term, dedicated fan club that will not give up on their favorite artist

“No matter what happens in life we will always be here for you,” says Jin. “We are just one big happy family.”


Earlier this year, Big Hit Entertainment announced that their album had gone platinum in America. They are now the only Korean act that has done so and they are the first Korean artist to have gold records in America for both an album and a single.

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