Why BTS Suga referred to the military in the lyrics of his new song!

BTS Suga wrote the lyrics of his new song about his feelings about the military has become a hot topic.

BTS Suga released the song “What do you think?” on the “AGUST D- D-2” album There is a song called

What do you think? The song is “What does the world think about BTS? He wrote the lyrics with the theme “The military will go by itself when the time comes, so shut up all the hickeys who are selling our name and trying to get money”.


I did some research into the background of BTS Suga’s mention of the military.

What do you think? As for the background of the song’s lyrics, the most likely reason is the BTS law two years ago.


Suddenly, a bill called the “BTS Act” was proposed to expand the scope of military service exceptions for popular artists.

The “BTS Act” means that athletes are exempt from the military if they win a medal at the Olympics or Asian Games. It is said that if popular artists and idols also proclaimed their national prestige, they would be exempted from the military.

When the bill was introduced, the media reported on it all at once, and there was an uproar in South Korea.

It was even misunderstood that the BTS members were working behind the scenes to keep them from going to the military.

The media reports caused a flood of criticism against the BTS members.

What was the background to the proposed “BTS Act” bill?

There will be a coordination of opinions between the industry and the government in relation to the military enlistment and alternative service of idol groups and other entertainment industry stars. With BTS recently reaching number one on the U.S. Billboard’s main album chart “Billboard 200” twice, it will be interesting to see if any positive changes related to the performance of military duty will occur for stars in the entertainment industry.

On the 4th, according to a source in the entertainment industry, in the middle of last month, the Office of the President’s Chief of Civil Affairs told the industry that they would ask the planning company about the status and position of the entertainers in relation to their military enlistment and service. In response, executives from major planning companies and the Korea Management Union held a meeting last March 29 to discuss possible proposals on the timing of military enlistment and alternative service for pop culture and artisans to be presented to the government.

One of the officials explained, “Rather than meeting without any preparation, we held the meeting with the idea that it would be more correct to make one voice about the need for change and present a feasible alternative proposal and reference point based on the current law. Officials from SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, and Jellyfish Entertainment attended the meeting. He said he contacted more entertainment firms that could represent the domestic entertainment management industry, but due to circumstances, only those firms that could participate were able to do so.

Looking at the content of the above article, BTS’s affiliate BigHit Entertainment did not participate.

BTS offices and related parties did not participate in the discussion about the “BTS Act”, but the discussion proceeded on their own.

The major entertainment agencies that participated in the conference talked about the criteria for joining artists who belonged to them, such as, “Delay the age at which you can join the military,” and “Create a standard that allows you to be exempted if you perform to some extent in global award ceremonies and overseas charts.

However, the media reports were written as if the BTS members asked for the above content, and the BTS members were criticized again.

▶ August 29, 2018 – SM, YG, JYP, FNC and Jellyfish Entertainment attend the conference

▶ September 4, 2018 – A flurry of military exemption articles under the title “BTS Law

On September 4, news broke that BTS’s new album reached No. 1 on the Billboard chart, but the news of the exemption from military service article became a hot topic and the news of No. 1 on the BTS Billboard chart was not the subject of public attention.


The BTS members have never once talked about military exemption.

BTS Jin also appeared on an American talk show and revealed, “If my country calls me, I’ll do my duty of national defense.

It’s annoying for the BTS members to be reported as if they want to be exempted from the military.

It is assumed that BTS Suga referred to the military in his lyrics because of these circumstances.

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