Why did Kpop Group CHECKMATE Disbanded?

checkmate kpop

CHECKMATE is a Co-Ed group, which is pretty rare in the world of kpop. Most of the groups are formed by only girls or by boys so, these types of kpop groups are unique and new to the Korean entertainment world.

Sadly, few Co-Ed groups are also not getting proper attention and they are facing lots of issues days at the moment one of the famous bands CHECKMATE announced they’re disbanded, this is really frustrating and disappointing news for the fans.

The group made its debut on January 28, 2020, but within two years the group management company and manager announced the disband on December 18.

CHECKMATE was managed by the company named GRACE COMPANY, the group was formed by four members but sadly two members Haechang and Nason left the group very soon due to their personal issues.

This group has successfully launched some famous singles like ‘Drum’ and the second album ‘YOU’. If you check the group of this band then there are about 52,900 members at the moment.

As per the company’s official statement, it was stated that “Hi, K-pop fans. This is the substance maker and chief of CHECKMATE’s YouTube channel. To start with, I am sorry for not having had the option to create a new substance for quite a while. CHECKMATE has disbanded following the finish of their “YOU” advancements. Every one of the CHECKMATE individuals will welcome you all with another picture through their singular exercises.”

It looks like maybe Korean culture is still not familiar with Co-Ed typo bands and many times only boy or girls groups get famous. At the moment, we can see top kpop groups are girls or boys but not mixed.

Where the group of boys shows the style, dances, and awesome moves similarly, in the case of girls the kpop group shows anime-like dressings, sexual moves and attractive costumes.

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