Why did IZONE disband?


Only after 2 years after their debut IZONE, the group was finally conformed to disband by their label. According to South Korean music station Mnet, IZ*One will break up in April, and it doesn’t appear like they will resurrect their disbandment plans. Although they were on a roll lately, it’s sorry to see them depart, and their breakup might be considered the industry’s first major breakup of the year.

Iz*One was formed on the reality show Produce 48 and went on to have a successful debut in 2018. A total of 12 ladies were chosen from among the almost 100 contestants, and their band name was announced in the final show.

Having won the competition, IZONE received a contract with a term of two and a half years, with the option of an extension. Unfortunately, no more extensions will be granted.

Even from the beginning, it was apparent that Iz*One had something special, and their extraordinary musical production drew admiration from people all around the world. In the most recent controversy to rock the organization, Mnet producers were found to have manipulated the vote to determine who would win.

Because of this, the group’s reputation has been marred, which means that all the brilliant musicians and dancers in the group will either have to join new groups or go out on their own or stop performing entirely.

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