Why did IZ*ONE Miyawaki Sakiyo apologize to Red Velvet Irene fans?

Sakiyoshi Miyawaki, an IZ*ONE member, apologized to a fan of Red Velvet member Irene.

Among IZ*ONE Japanese members, Nako Yabuki is famous for TWICE and Sakiyoshi Miyawaki is famous for Red Velvet. All Miyawaki Saki fans know that Saki Miyawaki is a big fan of Irene.


Miyawaki Sakiyo boasted Red Velvet’s albums and merchandise on the IZ*ONE reality show “IZ*ONE CHU” at the beginning of her debut.


Saki Miyawaki really loves Irene-senpai, and even wanted to see her all the time.

Of course Irene goods at the airport.

The camera also caught me carrying a postcard in my bag.

Sakiyoshi Miyawaki replied immediately with Irene’s senior at Red Velvet without hesitation about the role model question.

Members of IZ*ONE were sitting in the upper row of Red Velvet on the shooting day of the 2019 New Year special number “Idol Athletics 2019”, but Sakiyoshi Miyawaki was shy at the glance glance at Irene’s face I showed up.

However, I finally revealed the story that Sakiyoshi Miyawaki first met Irene on a radio broadcast where I was a DJ.

I introduced the story that I met Irene for the first time during the broadcast of “Tonight, under the Saki tree” on August 26.

At the “Solibada Awards” held on August 13, we often see other idol stages when we don’t play the IZ*ONE stage at the award ceremony, but “Solibada Award is due to the new Corona idol. I couldn’t see the stage, so I said that the stylist of IZ*ONE would acquaint me with Red Velvet and if he had the opportunity to meet, he would introduce the members of Red Velvet.

But Saki Miyawaki declined this invitation. I refused the stylist’s invitation because I’m sorry for the other fans, but I’m also a Red Velvet fan, and I’m sorry to meet my favorite idol without spending any money.

The stylist, who knew Saki Miyawaki was still a big fan of Irene, introduced Red Velvet members Surugi and Eiri to Saki Miyawaki.

Sakiyoshi Miyawaki, who first met Eiley, could only say “I’m a fan, thank you.” Red Velvet Surgi and Eiley said, “Thank you always” and said it was a very happy moment.

And at the end of the broadcast, Sakiyoshi Miyawaki apologized, “I’m sorry for the fans because I greeted Red Velvet without paying any money.”

I hope this will help you get along with your favorite idol, Red Velvet.

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