Why Red Velvet Irene was furious with stylists!

Five groups, Kang Daniel, Red Velvet, ASTRO, OH MY GIRL, and AB6IX, performed at the concert on that day. Red Velvet graced the final stage with three songs, Psycho, Bad Boy and Umpah Umpah.

<Why Irene was furious with the stylist>


The stage of the first song “Psycho” started, but 10 seconds after the stage started, the receiver fixed to the waist fell.

The stylist revealed to his SNS that he had been ranted by Red Velvet’s Irene for about 20 minutes. It is speculated that the incident between the two occurred at the Yongdong Road Concert on October 18. Girls’ Generation Tiffany and ASTRO Moon Bin acted as MCs for the day’s performance at the online concert.

Irene went on stage with the receiver in her hand. Moreover, the in-ear also came off together and performed the stage without hearing the music.

Irene threw it in front of the stage after winding the receiver in her hand.

Immediately after the talk, the stage of the next songs “Bad Boy” and “Umpah Umpah” started, and the stage ended in this state.

There was an event that offended Irene before this production stage.

Before the concert, at the Red Velvet rehearsal site, Irene on the far left wore a costume different from the costume of this performance and rehearsed.

rene’s anger exploded when a happening occurred in the receiver that started from the costume and went off to the in-ear. Irene is believed to have made the stylist (editor), who was in charge of the performance, stand in front of him and uttered a terrible rant for 20 minutes.

The stylist (editor), who was utterly ranted in the room everyone was looking at, exposed Irene’s power harassment to his SNS.


The testimony of a former SM Entertainment Japanese trainee was also given. Mone Fukuhara revealed that she was bullied by Eileen when she was 14 years old and Irene was 22 years old when she was a SM trainee, but Seulgi protected her.

In addition, SM Entertainment employees also left comments to support the exposure of the stylist (editor) who was terribly ranted, saying, “It can’t be helped if criticized, nothing is wrong.”


Irene and SM Entertainment acknowledged power harassment on the night of the 22nd and immediately apologized. However, after Irene and SM Entertainment apologized, Irene praised Irene’s personality online, saying “Irene is not a bad person”, “Irene is not a power harassment person”, and “Irene was kind to the staff”. Comments from the staff at the site came up one after another.

Internet users have criticized this as a scam for SM Entertainment.

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