Will ONF broadcast be postponed to make RAIN’s idol CIIPHER appear?

The entertainment program “Weekly Idol” starring K-POP idols has announced that it will suddenly postpone the broadcast of “ONF”, a boy group belonging to WM Enter, which was already announced on the official Twitter of the program. Instead, he announced that he would broadcast the new idol group “CIIPHER”, which had not yet debuted, on the day when “ONF” was scheduled to be broadcast, and was flooded with criticism from “ONF” fans. In addition, it was found that the program organization was changed due to the influence of singer Rain (Pi) who is the president of the agency of “CIIPHER”, and comments criticizing Rain are being made one after another.



“ONF” was recorded as a weekly idol on February 15, and a part of the recorded content was released as a surprise event on V LIVE.




The “ONF” members advertised the program to look forward to the “ONF” edition that will be broadcast on Wednesday, March 3rd at 5 pm. And it was decided to release the long-awaited first full album on Wednesday, February 24th. One week after “ONF” came back, “Weekly Idol” was broadcast, which raised the expectations of fans.





However, on February 22nd, a notice was suddenly posted on the official Twitter of “Weekly Idol” that the broadcast date of “ONF” was postponed from Wednesday, March 3 to Wednesday, March 10. Fans confused by the sudden announcement didn’t know why the broadcast date was postponed for a week, but it soon became clear why.




On February 22, singer Rain and the new idol group “CIIPHER” will record “Weekly Idol”, and on March 3 (Wednesday), singer Rain and “CIIPHER” will appear, so please look forward to it. It was.



“CIIPHER” is a 7-member boy group belonging to Rain Company, whose president is singer Rain, and has been officially debuted on March 15th.




It’s natural for the president of the agency to promote the artist, but it’s cowardly to postpone the broadcast date of “ONF,” which will release the first full-length album using his personal connections. Rain should also know that “ONF” is about to make a comeback.




From the standpoint of “ONF”, it will come back on February 24th, so if the program is broadcast on March 10th, the advertising effect will drop, and the idol “ONF”, which debuted in 2017 for the fifth year, is still It hurt pride to shift the program broadcast date to a new idol group who has not made their debut. And there is no point in receiving criticism from “Weekly Idol”. It is natural that the method of changing the broadcast date of “ONF” immediately on the condition that Rain will appear together is criticized.

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