Will There Be Record of Youth Season 2?

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We will learn everything about Record of Youth Season 2 in detail through this post.

The Record of Youth is a popular South Korean drama that brings the audience together with three ambitious young individuals who are trying to be successful in Seoul. The show follows models Hye Jun and Hae Ho as they try acting while makeup artist.

Jeong Ha tries opening her own studio, all within one industry where being on top means everything. Young actors might have their struggles but the joys make it worth fighting through them!

The Record of Youth is a genuinely heart-warming show. The romantic drama moves at an easy pace and the family dynamics are relatable, but it’s not all sweet cake: there’s also plenty of hard work to balance things out! After witnessing the bitter-sweet ending of season 1, fans must be wondering if they’ll get another dose this year. Let’s find out together!

Record of Youth Season 2 Release Date

“With the premiere of Season 1, Netflix has aired two episodes every Monday and Tuesday. 16 episodes are included in total with a runtime of 70 minutes.”

“However, there is yet to be an announcement for the release date of Season two.”

The Record of Youth has a lot in store this year with season one wrapping up last October. Fans have been eagerly awaiting news about when they could expect another dose from their favorite show and it looks like Netflix might be interested on making season 2 but not so much details has been published yet.

The story has come to an end but it doesn’t feel like the loose ends were tied up. Hye Jun and Hae Ho will be taking a 2-year hiatus from acting so they can complete their military service before resuming work in the entertainment industry once more.

Another chapter in the story of Hye Jun and Hae Ho has been written, but it’s one that leaves us feeling a little bit lost. They may be taking an hiatus from acting for two years to complete their military service before they continue work as entertainers once more.

Despite breaking up before Hye Jun left for two years, Jeong Ha and Hyun Jin get back together when he returns. The success of his career-launch drama has created a busy schedule that leaves them with little time to be romantic or intimate. However, they both agree their love is strong enough to weather any storm—including the distance between loved ones in different countries!

Record of Youth Cast

Hye Jun: Park Hae Jin

Ha Ho: Jung Yu Mi

Jeong Ha: Seo Ji-hoon

Hyun Jin: Lee Kwang Soo

Nam Joohyuk: Oh Chang Suk (cameo)

Sun Woojin/Kohei Uchida: Yeo J

Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam’s chemistry is what makes the show worth watching. The actors were able to give their characters a sense of authenticity that will make you feel like they are just old friends catching up on life stories, not two people meeting for the first time through an interview process.

The Record of Youth features talented actors who convincingly play supporting roles in this drama but it’s these immensely popular main leads that make it work! Leading them all is actor Park Bo-Gum as Hye Jun with his co-star, actress Park Soo-Dam playing Jeong Ha – both have shot forth into fame recently due to “Reply 1988” (Park) and Moonlight.

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