WIZ * ONE, the last concert before the dissolution of IZ * ONE, has been criticized as “the worst fan in K-POP history”!

WIZ * ONE, a fan of IZ * ONE, has been criticized for acting across the line at the last concert before the dissolution of IZ * ONE. For two days on March 13th and 14th, IZ * ONE held an online solo concert “ONE, THE STORY”. On the last day of the 14th, the members said goodbye with tears that this was the last stage, so it was the last concert as IZ * ONE and it was the stage before the dissolution.

However, the real-time chat of the online concert that IZ * ONE members can see on the screen was filled with the sentence “WIZ * ONE requires a renewal of IZ * ONE”. Other internet users got angry at WIZ * ONE’s stunned group behavior. After that, WIZ * ONE called on overseas fans to participate.

◈ What WIZ * ONE wrote in real-time chat during the IZ * ONE stage

1. 1. First song of the opening → We hope for only 12 * ONE

2. 2. Concert’s first ballad song stage → We hope for only 12 * ONE

3. 3. Last song → WIZ * ONE demands renewal of IZ * ONE’s contract (WIZ * ONE requests a renewal of IZ * ONE)

At the last concert, IZ * ONE members should have made good memories that they will never forget, but many net users are WIZ * due to the actions of IZ * ONE fans who are willing to oppose the dissolution until the end. He criticized not only ONE but also IZ * ONE. Also, WIZ * ONE was hit on the net as the worst fan in K-POP history.

In addition, WIZ * ONE announced that it will establish an entertainment planning company so that it can operate under the group name “IZ * TWO” so that IZ * ONE will not be dissolved. I started to raise the funds needed for this.

The decisive action that WIZ * ONE received criticism was that IZ * ONE’s fan cafe picked up idols who look good on “IZ * TWO” members, and IZ * ONE was formed in addition to the conventional IZ * ONE members. The photos of the trainees who fell from the audition program “Produce 48” were selected as candidates, and a member selection vote was held. He severely criticized WIZ * ONE as to whether the trainees who had fallen from “Produce 48” did not know that they had fallen due to voting fabrication, or whether they were ignorant.


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