YG’s rookie group “TREASURE” is flooded with criticisms over WINNER’s song cover attitude!

YG’s new boy group “TREASURE”, who has reached the 50th day of their debut, recently appeared on a radio program and covered the song of their agency’s senior group “WINNER” in a dishonest manner, and was flooded with criticism. did.


“Let’s raise the volume of KBS Cool FM Kang Han Na”, which is broadcast every night from 8:00 to 10:00, will be exciting this Wednesday! All treasure members appeared in the invited seats.

The members of Treasure were divided into three teams and alternately covered the songs of other singers to perform live on the day’s broadcast on the visible radio.

Junkyu, Asahi, Mashiho, Doyoung, and Jung Hwan covered “Really Really” by YG senior singer WINNER.


From the first part, Asahi sang the song with the wrong lyrics.


Jun-gyu showed off his singing ability to the extent that the idol singer’s qualities were suspected.

John Huang also showed off his singing ability to disappoint the fans.

Japanese members are not accustomed to Korean yet, so they can understand even if the lyrics are wrong or the pronunciation is different, but the terrible singing ability of Korean members was flooded with criticism


It wasn’t just the singing ability that was criticized by the treasure members that day.

Net users got angry at the attitude of a new idol who laughed while singing WINNER’s “Really Really” and didn’t feel serious at all. Also, WINNER’s “Really Really” wasn’t sung suddenly, but fans and net users were even more disappointed with the attitude of Treasure because they decided and practiced the songs to be sung live in advance upon request.


WINNER fans were angry, “I’ve seen a lot of idols cover stages, but this time the cover of Treasure is the worst, and it’s rude to WINNER to sing a masterpiece like this.”

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