Yumi’s Cells Season 1 (Ending Explained)

Yumi’s Cells

This show is really cute and I love how part of it was animated. The animated characters represent the thoughts in our minds that conflict and work together to make decisions and predict how we feel. They almost feel like they’re watching the show with you. They help portray a realistic modern-day relationship. This show was beautifully done and really pulls at your heartstrings.

Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) is an accountant at a noodle company who was burned by a past relationship and she is finally ready to start dating again. Yu Mi wears her heart on her sleeve but also tries to hide her emotions when she is at work. The subtle emotions that need to be shown could only be accomplished with such a great actor like Kim Go Eun. She brings a strong intensity to such subtle emotions. She shows how her cells were feeling but also conveys that she was hiding her emotions from those around her.

She gets set up on a blind date with Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun), a developer of a start-up tech company. The start is a little rocky but they eventually start dating. Woong is a genuinely sweet man but has difficulty showing his emotions to Yu Mi even though he is generally straightforward with his friends. We go through the journey of their relationship and how the brain cells work together in Yu Mi and Woong along the process. If you haven’t watched it and don’t want to know what happens, stop reading here. It is a very cute show and worth watching for those who want a normal love story told in a very creative way. I’ll leave a topless clip of Ahn Bo Hyun for you to enjoy instead.

Spoilers Ahead

Yu Mi’s strongest cell was her love cell but when Yu Mi had her heartbroken, her love cell went into a coma and the other cells revived her when Yu Mi met Woong, so she could get to work. We later find out that her pride cell is one of the weakest ones and this dictates the choices she made when she started dating Woong.

Watching Yumi’s cells interact with each other is also how we feel when we’re contemplating while making important decisions. I almost felt like I was watching the show with an interactive audience. When a friend starts dating someone new, their friends would gather around and tell them what to do next. And you know that everyone is going to give conflicting advice. The “Naughty cell” always had the right answers and never had any pants on. Just kidding but that cell was definitely my favorite.

They go through their relationship together through all of the hardships and many happy moments. Yu Mi consistently fails to put herself first. She used to jog but stopped because she always prioritized spending time with Woong but Woong always put himself first.  She wants to get married but Woong has no thoughts of marriage but she continues to date him.

Seo Sae Yi (Park Ji Hyun) is that bitch who keeps a close male friend on their hook without ever committing to dating them. They also do not want anyone else to date them. They want to be their number 1, while they’re always just a backup plan. Women do this to other women to make themselves feel better and it boils down to a low self-esteem issue. This made Yu Mi feel insecure about her budding relationship with Woong. Sae Yi has a long history with Woong as classmates colleagues. One of my favorite scenes was when Yu Mi confronted Sae Yi in front of Woong. Yu Mi was upset and told Woong that she said she doesn’t have the strength to beat Sae Yi. Woong ran into the elevator to hug her. It was perfect.

That insecurity about Sae Yi overwhelmed her when she overheard a conversation between Woong’s friends that said he used to have a crush on her when Yu Mi went to a wedding. I feel that Yu Mi should have overcome this. Woong did what could to make Yu Mi know that Sae Yi meant nothing to him but he also hid details from her because he didn’t want to cause any trouble in the relationship. I think if Woong just laid everything on the table in the first place, it would not have been an issue. Maybe Woong still has feelings for Sae Yi?

In the end, Yu Mi realizes that Woong is not the man for her and is debating whether or not to stay with him, while they are on a break. Her main conflict is between her love cell and her pride cell. In a dream, she meets with her pride cell and questions if Woong is not the male lead then who is the lead? She decided that she had two options and her two options were shown as two different cards, one was the breakup card and the other one was the random card. She knows she has to use the breakup card but also questions, “Am I scared of Woong leaving me or scared of being alone?”.  She also brought the random card to the table because she is also afraid to be alone again.

So many times I see women prioritizing getting married and making sure they’re not alone before really thinking about what they want for themselves and ending up with someone who doesn’t deserve them. I was so happy to see that Yu Mi was really contemplating her relationship with Woong before it was too late. I noticed these couples also seem to end up divorced by the time they turn 40.

YuMi is not by any means a pushover. She is a strong and independent woman and her fear of being alone just overwhelmed her and it happens to all of us. It was a moment of weakness. She stands up to her new boss who is nosey is AF and keeps making comments about her dating life. This is a common occurrence in Korea and it is one super annoying thing that many of my people do. She is able to stand up for herself in every situation.

Woong eventually breaks up with her because he is not ready to get married. Something happened with his company and he had a meeting with his business partner Louis before he decides to break up with Yu Mi. We don’t know if it was good or bad but Woong prioritizes himself before her.

I was initially heartbroken they broke up because they really loved each other but at the same time, the timing of their relationship was not right. Their break felt so real. There is a season 2 coming so we’ll see what happens (if you didn’t already read the webtoon). Feel free to leave a comment on what you thought of the ending.

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