13-Year-Old Refugee Abu Gives Touching Audition On “My Heart Will Go On” On The Voice

At just 13 years old, Abu, an Afghan refugee, stunned both judges and viewers with his mesmerizing rendition of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” on The Voice Global. Having escaped the turmoil of war-torn Afghanistan, Abu found solace in music after moving to Belgium, where he showcased his remarkable talent.

Abu’s performance exudes deep sincerity, lending the iconic ballad a gravitas far beyond his years. Despite the song’s notoriously challenging vocal parts, Abu effortlessly nails every high note with a smooth delivery that captivates the audience. The judges wasted no time in turning their chairs, barely letting Abu finish the first line before showing their admiration for his talent.

Choosing “My Heart Will Go On” held personal significance for Abu, who saw parallels between the characters in Titanic and his own journey as a refugee seeking a new life. His emotional connection to the song resonated with both the judges and the audience, evident in the joyous expression on his face as the chairs turned.

Abu’s vocal prowess continued to impress in the show’s finale, where he delivered a stirring rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song.” Backed by a nine-piece choir, Abu’s performance soared to new heights, leaving the judges and viewers alike in awe.

Judge Laura expressed her admiration, confessing to having goosebumps all over, while Sean was moved to tears, thanking Abu for his touching performance.

Online, Abu’s audition garnered widespread acclaim, amassing a staggering 41 million views on YouTube and becoming one of the most-watched videos on the Belgium version of The Voice. His rendition of “Earth Song” also garnered significant attention, with 4.7 million views.

Viewers flooded the comments section with praise, describing Abu’s voice as soothing, powerful, and incredibly talented. Many hailed his version of the song as the best they had ever heard, a testament to Abu’s extraordinary musical abilities and the emotional depth he brings to his performances.

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