19-Year-Old Keith Urban Fan Ellen Tefanis Rocks Onstage With Country Legend

Following an unexpected Twitter interaction, 19-year-old Ellen Tefanis found herself sharing the stage with country sensation Keith Urban during his Brisbane show in Australia. Together, they delivered an electrifying rendition of “Good Thing,” a beloved deep cut from Urban’s Fuse album renowned for its infectious guitar work.

Urban graciously handed over the spotlight to Ellen, allowing her to showcase her prowess not only in the song’s signature guitar intro but also in a high-energy guitar solo, which she executed flawlessly. Hailing from Port Pirie, South Australia, Ellen proved to be a natural performer, captivating the audience with her talent and stage presence. Their performance, captured on video, quickly went viral, amassing over seven million views across various platforms.

Ellen’s opportunity to join Urban on stage came about after she reached out during his Twitter chat in Sydney, sharing a video of her guitar skills and expressing her desire to perform with him. The country star, impressed by her talent and enthusiasm, extended the invitation for her to join him on stage during his Ripcord World Tour finale.

Choosing to perform “Good Thing” together was a no-brainer for Ellen, who had been a fan of the song and suggested it to Urban. This collaborative moment mirrored a previous impromptu performance with American fan Rob Joyce, further highlighting Urban’s openness to engaging with his audience on a personal level.

Fans lauded Ellen’s performance alongside Urban, praising the singer for embracing her and integrating her seamlessly into the band for the duration of the song. Ellen’s subsequent foray into the music industry with her debut single, “More Than a Hat,” showcases her talents as both a guitarist and vocalist, with the song featuring a memorable guitar solo reminiscent of her viral moment with Urban.

Reflecting on her journey, Ellen expressed gratitude to Urban for inspiring her to pursue her own musical path, crediting him for encouraging her to explore her potential as an artist. Her debut single, released on her YouTube channel, pays homage to her roots while offering fans a fresh perspective on her evolving musical identity. With support from her father George, Ellen has reimagined the song and embarked on her own artistic journey, fueled by Urban’s encouragement and her own passion for music.

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