3-year-old Amy O’Donnell melts hearts on The Voice with adorable Lady Gaga cover

The O’Donnells, a remarkable Australian family band, made a lasting impression on viewers of The Voice when 3-year-old Amy stole the spotlight, eliciting a chorus of “awws.” While their rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Edge Of Glory” showcased their collective talent, it was Amy’s adorable presence that captured everyone’s hearts.

Despite the initial confusion among the judges, who noticed the audience’s unusual reaction to Amy’s appearance, the O’Donnells proved their musical prowess with their bluegrass rendition of Lady Gaga’s hit. With John Snr (59), Wendy (57), their children John (28), Jacqui (27), Katelyn (23), and grandsons Johnny (8) and Amy (3) all contributing, the seven-piece band delivered a stellar performance that left a lasting impression.

Jacqui’s captivating lead vocals, accompanied by the skillful banjo playing of grandfather John, created a harmonious blend that showcased the family’s musical prowess. Their rendition of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” later in the season further solidified their status as a talented and versatile musical ensemble.

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