A New Rolling Stones Album Is On The Way, And Sir Mick is Just As Enthusiastic As Always.

On July 26, 2023, Mick Jagger, known colloquially by his iconic nickname rather than his full name, Michael Philip Jagger, marked his 80th birthday. While Jagger remains a widely recognized figure, it’s his Rolling Stones bandmate Keith Richards, set to reach the same milestone on December 18, 2023, who often garners attention with humorous quips and internet memes poking fun at his age-defying status within the band.

Keith Richards has become a subject of light-hearted jests, often finding himself digitally inserted into historical scenarios like the Nativity or ancient Egypt, accentuating his rugged countenance and perpetual presence in the public eye. These playful images not only underscore Richards’ embodiment of the quintessential rock ‘n’ roll ethos but also playfully toy with the notion of his seeming invincibility, juxtaposing his timeless persona with the youthful rebellion synonymous with the Stones’ music.

At the age of 79, Mick Jagger’s stage prowess remains unmatched. Renowned for his dynamic presence onstage, influenced by legends like Tina Turner and fueled by the imperative to captivate vast stadium audiences, Jagger continues to dazzle with his electrifying performances. One observer, Colt-ii4qn, compares Jagger’s rigorous preparation to that of a professional athlete, emphasizing the dedication behind his enduring stage charisma.

The featured video captures a poignant instance from the Rolling Stones’ Sixty tour across Europe, filmed during a stop in Stockholm. Notably, this tour saw the band reintroduce “Out Of Control” from their 1997 album “Bridges to Babylon” into their setlist, a rare inclusion that added depth to their performance. Additionally, the tour marked the revival of “Out Of Time,” a track dating back to 1966, showcasing the band’s extensive and timeless musical repertoire.

Experience the boundless energy and magnetism of Mick Jagger as he commands the stage at the age of 79. Watch the captivating video below to witness the enduring allure of this rock legend.

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